WT CJ4 Checklist

(Updated 06/09/21)
I have made a new two page checklist for the CJ4 that can be printed onto 1 A4 page (double sided). It is adapted from both the CJ4s onboard checklist and the one provided in the CJ4 manual (Seabread’s Checklist), but with some modifications and added content.

I have made some edits to save space (to ensure it fits on only 2 pages), cover additional content and address minor issues I have noticed. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Removal of some items I feel to be redundant for the purposes of the sim (crew and passenger briefings for example).
  • Tweaks to the flow order (e.g., swapping the Autopilot select/deselect and trim set from the in game checklist. I did this as in the suggested order it wipes the TO trim setting (I dare say this tests that the AP is trimming the aircraft correctly or something). However, it seemed more efficient this way while system failures are not modelled (assuming that checking the auto trim is the reason why it is in the original order).
  • Addition of WT Mods page interaction details.
  • Addition of suggested ATC engagement points for those using VATSIM or similar (startup and takeoff only).
  • I have crossed through and put in dark grey font items I believe to be INOP at this time, but that might be implemented later.

Please feel free to use and/or comment, I hope it is useful to you (note, I am not a RL pilot nor do I have any experience of the RL CJ4).

Screen shots and PDF below:
Sharpe WT CJ4 v12.7 (06.09.21) Checklist




UPDATED (new images in OP).

A quick shout out to those on the the WT Discord that helped me with this - you know who you were :slight_smile:

Happy flying.

Curious to know how this compares to Seabread’s Checklist from the Working Title CJ4 Guide:

Hi Casual Click,
Ah yes I did see that and even use some bits of it (references mostly).

I would dare say my list ‘spoon feeds’ a little more as well as (critically for me anyway) is printable on 1 double sided A4, which means it can be laminated on a single sheet which (for my use at least) makes it a little easier to manage.

Can I ask - how did you add the PDF? Is a Mod privilege or can I do it somehow?

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If the PDF is hosted offboard, you can link to it as a direct URL.

Ah I see something like drop box or similar?

I shall try that tomorrow - thanks.

Also do let me know what you think of the checklist :slight_smile: :+1:

Yes, correct. Most public access file transfer sites should work.

Done it (I hope) shame about the way link name :confused: but at least it should work - thanks for your help :+1:

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