WT CJ4 messes up MSFS flight plan

Almost every flight plan created with the world map is messy when loaded into the WT CJ4 FMC. I have to take out the discontinuities, sometimes the route is tangled up probably because the order of the waypoints is screwed up. Any fix?

If you are on PC, try creating a route with Simbrief and import it through the FMC. Also consider a Navigraph subscription if that’s still not good enough.

The MSFS world map planner doesn’t work well with third party planes (and even first party planes for that matter).

Discontinuities are breaks in the flight plan whenever ATC is supposed to provide vectors (“Expect vectors…”) These are usually displayed on the SID or STAR at exit waypoints. MSFS has to bypass discontinuities because the stock FMS used in the various aircraft don’t recognize discontinuities. MSFS just connects waypoints so the flight plan would work. In other words, the WT CJ4 is working correctly here.

I have also had my waypoints messed up in the WT CJ4. I discussed this with the WT team. There are SIDs and STARs that have multiple exit transition waypoints. However, there is no way in the World Map flight planner to specify which exit waypoint should be used. According to info from the WT team, the flight planner always chooses branch “1”, not necessarily the correct waypoint branch. The FMS adds the waypoints for the first branch then adds the correct waypoint and the correct branch waypoints. If the first branch isn’t deleted, the FMS flies the aircraft hundreds of miles off course.

A good example of this is the KLAX DOTSS2.DOTSS SID. There are two exit waypoints, CLEEE and CNERY. If your flight plan connects to the SID at CNERY, there is no way in the World Map to select the CNERY waypoint to exit the SID. So the FMS creates the waypoints from DOTSS to CLEEE because that is the info the World Map send to the CJ4. But to exit the SID at CNERY, the FMS inserts a second DOTSS waypoint after the CLEEE waypoint, Then waypoints are added to go from DOTSS to CNERY.

If this looks like a mess, it is because it is a BIG mess. The only workaround at this point is to remove the CLEEE branch and leave in the correct waypoints. WT is working with Asobo to fix this. (This happens with other aircraft, not just the CJ4.)

Some discontinuities occur between the last enroute waypoint and the first arrival or approach waypoint. These should be removed. Terminal enroute and initial waypoints are also sometimes duplicated and the duplicate can also be removed.

Some though are part of the procedure and accord to where you would usually be given radar vectors. These will be identified with (vect) shown above the leg.

As our others have said, importing a flight plan from Simbrief is the best solution. But also where you have multiple or duplicate waypoints reloading the procedure with the correct transitions can solve it.

A good check is always to go in Plan view on the MFD and then use the advance MFD function to step through the waypoints looking for rogue legs or waypoints.