(WU11) World update 11 is coming out today or is it delayed?

As a forum moderator, please could you order everybody on the forum to not download WU10 when it first drops. This would allow me to download it super fast and be the first to have it. :yum:


I can promise you now, that I will not download WU10 today.

You’re welcome. :wink:


I also will not be downloading WU10 today.

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I will not be downloading WU10 today either. My dishwasher heating element thermocouple failed yesterday, and nearly burned the house down…LOL. I have bigger fish to fry, than a game update. Good luck to all who grab it though.

I wouldn’t exactly say so, they both have their differences. I just think De Havilland Canada is a bit too generic for them to use.

I believe it will drop at 11AM eastern standard time.

Glad to see people excited about this, personally I have lost interest in the world updates, they add little value to me compared to vanilla MSFS, mediocre photogrammetry etc…

29 September is the date that was communicated.

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It was originally 27 September. They silently changed it. WU’s have always been on Tuesdays. It’s alright though, I suspect the huge SU10 delay probably pushed back internal testing cycles if not dev time.

I’m not sure whether to be excited or not. So far it sounds like we’re getting our existing 10 PG cities revamped plus 2 more added vs all new cities like in other world updates. The new bespoke airports and custom landmarks are in out of the way places that I doubt they’ll have high res ground imagery for. We’re getting a “local legend” that isn’t Canadian. I somehow doubt they’ll be updating poor ground textures in areas not covered by custom landmarks or PG.

Not sure how to feel in the leadup to this. I guess I’ll have to wait and see for myself.


Downloading now.

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well, either way I’ve just been instructed to download a 20mib update.

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hope its a bit more than 20 mb :sweat_smile:

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6,27 GB here.

in Content Manager

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6.47gb for me!

Nice big chair there, eh?

With the wood’s price, I could pay my whole CPL with that

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It’s Out now …

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c’mon now…let’s get some reviews going. love WU release days.

Downloading it now from the marketplace.

World update 11 is now available: [RELEASE] World Update XI: Canada Now Available!

Discussion thread will be available soon.