WXR not refreshing on xbox

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The WXR can be turned on, but the image does not refresh its stays static, the radar doesn`t go around. The single workaround is that I turn the WXR off and on again, this way a new image is loaded, and that stays static.

Im on live weather and traffic, and even in heavy rain the WXR wont refresh. Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:`

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Flying in any aircraft with live weather and traffic, WXR turned on.
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I have the same problem… maybe it is because of the frame rate and hardware optimization for xbox… i dont know, but i can see on YouTube videos a lot of diference betwen xbox’s gouges frame rate than PC…

Zendesk ID 128205

In announcement of Sim Update 6, there is not a word about this problem…

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So its only me, who is still having this issue? The SU6 doesnt changed anything on this matter.

Because it doesnt exist before su6.

Add me to the list.

Having the exact same isssue…

It still does not work ever since i got the 787-10 back in 11 Oct. I need to switch off and on the WXR button to update the weather.

It never worked on Xbox and now it’s broken on PC post SU7. There is another post for PC users that is gaining votes. I wonder can we join post. We are one community after all.

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Thanks for sharing! Will post on that thread too.

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I have same problem on the 787 for PC…didnt notice till now…

Any update?