Weather radar still broken

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Ryzen7 RTX2080 Super
All with weather radar; Tested with the TBM930.
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The weather radar doesn’t scan anymore continuously. To reproduce the issue, fly the TBM930 on the ground without any Mod installed. Display the weather radar (not the nexrad) and change the weather settings to rain. The display doesn’t change. If you switch to vertical mode, the radar updates but only a single time. If you move the aircraft, the display doesn’t change as it should.

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I have also observed this in the A320, radar display doesn’t scan to update itself and only displays a static image. Also changing the range of the display does not change the radar image. The only way to ‘update’ the display is to switch it off and on again, but it then remains static so you would have to continuously turn it on and off to use it.


I understand this thread is tagged PC, but this has been a day one problem on Xbox, just hoping both can be fixed. Or one implemented and the other fixed.


same here. a32nx, only 1 image when changing modes and such, no more constant updating.

Weather radar was working fine before SU7.

Too bad SU7 brakes so many essential things :frowning:

Confirm (as eveyone else does)

Weather radar Scanning broke in SU7

Displays the radar screen, but does not scan/update


I noticed that too. I could see my destination had rain but nothing showed up on radar.

The rain will show up if it’s there when you open the weather radar, but it will not scan and update.
To update it, you need to switch between Horiz & Vert, and you will get a single update, but no continuous scanning

I’d like to see this be fixed as it ruins/prevents the community from getting the best experience possible.

Yes, broken indeed. I hope they fix this quickly it destroys the flying experience :(. I was hoping for at quick fix but nothing

I’ve noticed this same issue with the WT CJ4. Wx radar will not indicate precipitation unless the radar is switched off and then on again. I thought it was a WT issue until I read Wx radar has similar issues in other aircraft.

Is this in the release notes to get fixed and was this broken by this patch? Considering that this is something I’d expect to have seen a lot of feedback after SU7, I did not see much. This is what I’m getting in the SU7 build with FBW a32nx (preset rain):

Yes, confirm, the scan not working with SU7.

It only shows the static radar image only once after you turn it on.
It is not refreshing and showing the sweeping/scanning animation like before SU7.

Yes, see above

I was really hoping this was going to get fixed, the weather radar is useless without a continuous update, hopefully the devs can sort it for the hotfix

Since its not on the List, its not likely :frowning:

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It is also not working on xbox series s. It does not work ever since i got the 787-10 back in 11 Oct. The weather just remain static after i switch it on. I need to switch off and on the WXR button to update the weather.

Imagine them starting to fix all the issues people are reporting here outside of the announced fixes… we would never have this released. Would be great if people would understand that. This is a patch for the new issues we’ve had since SU7, not a general full blown bug fix update, which is the next planned one in February.

Agree for that but not in this case. The weather radar has been broken by SU7 and this was reported to Asobo by beta testers before launching SU7. The SU7 update patch purpose is to fix bugs introduced by SU7. The broken weather radar is one of these.