X-56 (or any HOTAS) controls for helicopters

Hey all, I’ve been searching, but didn’t find anything…

Is there any topic/video/site giving a base control configuration for HOTAS and helicopters? (I have an X-56).

I’d like to learn to fly these things, but right now I don’t even know which controls to assign (and where!)


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There’s at least these ones :

Also read main threads for the Bell 407 and the Guimbal Cabri G2, we find plenty of advice in them :

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I’ve found that the default settings for my X56 were perfect for helicopters. While I’m still learning how to fly helicopters with the X56 HOTAS, I never had the significant difficulties others are experiencing.

So my recommendation would be to try the default settings first and adjust them as needed.

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I have an X56 HOTAS that I am using to try and learn how to fly helicopters. However, I can’t find a definitive resource on how to bind, anything, but especially the collective and throttle bindings on the X56.

Should the Collective be assigned to one throttle lever (left, for example) and the throttle to the right lever?

I just watched two videos and each did it completely differently.

Can anyone help me get my X56 set up properly for the G2 helicopter? I’ll start with that one and practice before moving on to bigger helicopters.

Thanks in advance!