[Xbox] Asobo PC-6 transponder inoperative (all variants)

Hello console simmers,

Ever since Asobo updated their PC-6 (whenever that was), the transponder on all variants is inoperative. Does anybody else have this issue? I’ve ensured all breakers are closed and both avionics busses are on. The Garmins function just fine, but the transponder doesn’t turn on. Completely unresponsive. Not even starting on a runway helps. Anybody else have this issue?

I pressed the standby button, but nothing happens.

Same here…plus the torque in this airplane seems wholly out of line, must be buggy here too!

Are you starting on the runway? If not, try that.

This belongs in a bug report (if it isn’t already).

I know I reported it during one of the betas, but frequently bugs that aren’t fixed in a beta get lost when the beta is closed.