PC-6 All Variants Transponder is Non-Op

This is concerning to me. The transponder has had a non-op display for several versions of the sim — SU10 beta, SU10, SU11 beta, SU11, AAU1 beta.

The fact that QA (I assume at Asobo?) is unable to reproduce this means that there is some sort of version variance between public versions of the sim and their own. I don’t know if this is occurring due to end-user config/airplane state files getting corrupted that are not being rebuilt/refreshed on sim updates, or if it is a localization (English vs. French, for instance) issue, etc., but is alarming that we have “different” versions here.

It begs the question, “What else are they unable to reproduce or have diminished at their end due to thinking it isn’t an issue when what they have is behaving differently than what we have?”

What is further bothering is that I wrote this up as a bug during SU10 Beta. What? They didn’t ask for clarification then? Why not? Why am I participating in betas writing up bugs if they aren’t worth following up on, at the time? This is disrespectful of my(and all of our) time and efforts.

It is 4:30 AM here, realizing all of what I just wrote agitated me so much that I got up and made a clip of it:

This video was created on an Xbox Series X. However, I also just tested it on my PC, which only has the Marketplace B247 & DC-6 installed (both of which are not on my Xbox) and it happens on PC, as well.

Here are other references to the issue: