Xbox Black Friday deals?

Hey all,
Does anyone know if Xbox will have Black Friday deals on Xbox? Can’t seem to find any clear info on the subject. The wishlist is a big one, be nice to pickup some add-ons at a discount like last year.

Tar all


This is the thread to watch and discuss this, but the answer is surely yes.

This coming Thursday in the MP

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I know that GotFriends has already started a 50% off sale on everything they sell (except the Legacy Pack) on their own website and have announced that the same sale would be coming to the marketplace on November 23. So if it’s going to happen I would expect November 23.

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Decent discounts now live.

Do prices only update on Thursday with marketplace, or could Carenado discount tomorrow on Black Friday itself?


I am not 100% sure to be honest, but would say that, that is likely to be all the discounts for now. I have seen plenty of the discounts cheaper before the black Friday deals, so not sure what is going on.

I will be picking up a few of my wish list, however the airports I have seem to be staying more than I was to pay for now.


I picked up a few good deals, a couple of airports at 50% off

I keep finding myself backing off from airports with 2024 encroaching. Unless they offer a LOT, like multiple airports or surrounding scenery. SWS and Got Friends are definitely in the black Friday spirit of things though. Hard to stomach $25 airports where a Got Friends Wilga or Hellcat are way cheaper, and $2 SWS aircraft. $25 should be 5 airports and two cities modeled.

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I have to say there are a few good bargains but overall I don’t think this sale is as good as some previous. Plenty of items discounted but the discounts aren’t as big. I had a lot of things on my wishlist and many of them are not discounted or only say 15%.

I’ve only spent just over half of the budget I set myself for this, and some of that was on unplanned items that were heavily discounted, rather than items I’d been watching for a while but are not discounted. NZA especially is among several developers that won’t be getting my cash this time. Maybe I’ll even keep some of that budget in my pocket.


Generally Marketplace deals are okay but MSFS needs to carry some kind of a check and quality control on the items put up by Developers.Before an item is placed on the market place somebody should check that the product is what has been described by the developer.Secondly it must be of a standard as not to compromise the MSFS’s high standard and quality.My reference is to Airport static aircraft by LVFR placed at 400 hundreds(as claimed)default airports comprising all major airports.The planes are of rather poor quality and seems to have been hand drawn and placed on a crude copy of an airport/s from earlier MSFS era.Other important elements of the airport like vehicles,worker and airport equipment density has totally vanished.One arrives at a major airport to find no facility available from jetway connection, fuel supply,power supply,baggage delivery and catering.
The developer needs to answer for such a poor and worthless product.

After departing from Asobo’s own handcrafted LSZH with black screens within 5 minutes, i decided to spent my budget, normaly reserved for MSFS sales, on a new controller and AC Mirage on sale. I’m so very glad i did, and could resist.

LSZH has always been a CTD hotspot on xbox.

Yeah. The fact that it still is after 3 years now, speaks for itself in my opinion.

They can’t even fix their own stuff.


Haneda was another one that used to CTD often for me, it’s all very well blaming 3rd party devs but as you say they can’t even get their own modelled airports right, flying with a default plane, no 3rd parties involved.

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Same as Origami Studios EGKK. Only way around it was to uninstall it. I contacted Origami studios for a refund who said it’s a Microsoft issue. Contacted Microsoft who said I was past the refund date.

So far in the sale I have picked up the LVFR static traffic which is certainly nice and worth £7 just for the added immersion.

The second purchase was Simultech My assistant trucks, for £7. It replaces fhe ground crew with more animations. Closest we’ll to to GSX!

Finally, I think I’ll probably get the Bae 146 from JustFlight, down to £40 from £60. I’ve been after a regional and am torn between that and the ATR.

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Have you tried the Airport Static aircraft.Though Planes look a little funny and elongated and do populate various airports the existing facilities seem to have vanished like Vehicular,Workers,Airport equipment and facilities like ordering GroundServices through ATC.Additionally the aircraft have not been placed on airports as in MSFS 2020.Hence in my opinion a very poor,incomplete and under developed product.I am on Xbox X series.

This is the first time I’ve not seen them participate in a major sale. Shame as Hobart is my last remaining Oz airport…

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As always during Black Friday sales, I picked up a handful of airports. The sim is stable enough nowadays with the TBM 930 to dare to invest in these.

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