Xbox: bought the Premium deluxe, but only get the Premium content

111895 Hi, I bought the Flight Simulator Premium Deluxe version in pre-order for my Xbox series X. Now in the game, I do see I have the Premium content, but not the premium deluxe content. So I only get the 5 extra planes and 5 extra airports.

I submitted it to zendesk with id: 111895


did you look in your content manager? or maybe you need to download them form the mp.

I have exactly the same issue. Can only upgrade to Deluxe but not Premium Deluxe (which I preordered)

Let me know if this is resolved for you please. Especially since my home airport is Amsterdam Schiphol I am disappointed I don’t have that now.

Make sure you update everything in the content manager.

I did update everything in the content manager.

I can only Buy Premium Deluxe.
Of course I double checked to make sure that was the version I bought and paid

Yes me too. Look at the screen shots. The issue is that I got the premium content and not the premium deluxe content.

I’m having the same issue…Was just on with Xbox support for 90 minutes, for reference & performed the following:

-Confirmed Premium Deluxe license
-Cleared cache
-Hard reset
-Deleted saved & world data / DLC partition
-Deleted local gamer profile & Xbox and re-authenticated console
-Signed in / out of profile in Flight Sim

Still shows Premium upgrade as owned bundle, but not Premium Deluxe in the Flight Sim marketplace; exhausted options with Xbox support. I’ve also tried uninstalling and re-installing the 100gb base game, and the same issues persist.

Zendesk ID# 111790


(For reference as well, all the Deluxe aircraft show up in my content manager, and none of the Premium Deluxe airports / aircraft show up)

Here the same. No Deluxe content to DL. Everything from the Deluxe edition is missing. Also a friend of me has the same issue.

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It’s really a mess because Xbox support is generally confused that all the content is in the FS marketplace, and not a packaged DLC from the Xbox store like Forza add-ons; i.e. I can’t just uninstall the “Premium Deluxe” credentials & re-download it.

Anyways some clarity / hotfixes on this would be nice after paying $120 for a 150gb game I’ve had to download twice and spend 3 hours in menus troubleshooting, which would probably put me over the limit for a refund.


I have the exact same issue. Pre-ordered the Premium Deluxe Edition back in June and in the ingame marketplace it say I own the Premium Upgrade but for the Deluxe Upgrade I should pay 79,99€ and for the Premium Deluxe Upgrade 84,99€. So I’m missing the 5 airports and 5 aircrafts from the Deluxe content. My zendesk ticket number is: #111953


Same here. Pre ordered Premium Deluxe, got Premium only.

I have the same problem-Ordered Premium Deluxe but only have Premium. Marketplace also does NOT show “Owned” for Premium Deluxe but does show “Owned” for Premium.

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Same for me I tried redownloading but nothing works it shows only premium I hope for an hotfix.

Same here. Very dissapointing thas MS cannot fix such an easy issue.

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Same here! I pre ordered the Premium Deluxe edition in June but I have only received the Premium content and not the Deluxe edition content. So there are 5 aircraft and 5 airports missing. My ticket ID is: 111979

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Yep, me too. Exactly as described in this thread.

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I’m into same problem, reinstalled with the same problem didn’t help :frowning:

I also bought the Premium Deluxe, but it only says Premium in the game :frowning:

Same problem :frowning: ……