Xbox/Console Hate is unreal

So firstly I’m play this game on both PC and Xbox so I have a dual perspective. I’m not into the extreme simming part of this game I just enjoy flying around seeing the world, I do group flights and flying with friends.

Yes there are a lot of new players doing some crazy stuff out there. It’s the first weekend they are seeing this world for the first time. There are a few options, turn off multiplayer or you know the world is big fly the less busy routes. We all know from playing the game for months places the new and uninitiated wouldn’t think off yet. Turn off nameplates.

As time goes on you will get real simmers and you will get the mavericks it will die down. The biggest takeaway is that more players means more development more mods.

About mods, if you’ve got a ton in your community folder that don’t work anymore bad luck, they or anything else not from the marketplace can just not work. Anything from the marketplace not working needs fixing.

Graphics downgrade for the console version, no I don’t think so. I think that Asobo have pulled out all the bells and whistles to get a much improved preforming sim and world. Alas its come at a cost, a cost a percentage aren’t willing to pay, they will fix it just not right now. Yes it’s gone back to launch day, but it is a launch day. The game has just opened to a whole new audience. It was always coming they haven’t hidden it. It was a mistake to do so much at once. It should have been tested more, but in the end its out and in hindsight they probably would have done some things differently.

In the big picture the game exists because of Microsofts focus on gaming and Xbox is at the centre. Without Xbox there would be no sim.

Perhaps they should look into a option to choose a full sim mode for those who don’t see this as a game rather than a disable crossplay. The full sim mode would have no assists, live weather, live time, no ui. All on then those who just want to play a 100% simulator can go off and do that.


I agree that there are likely to be plenty of xbox players out there who will be wanting to fly the sim seriously. For some people I am sure their thinking is buying a console for £500 is a much more affordable option (or their only option) than spending 3 to 6 times that amount on a decent pc. I have no axe to grind with console players at all.
However, I cannot agree with the above quote from your post. There have been plenty of flight sims previously, especially from MS that have never seen the light of day on a console. There has long been a healthy flight sim community for many years on pc. For all any of us know MS would likely have made a pc only MSFS 2020 if they hadn’t built a console able to run it. Lets not forget either, that in the past 10 or so months it is the PC simmers who have invested their patience, time and money in this sim. That some now feel frustrated or sidelined by the unforseen (by the community at any rate) effect the release on console has had is perhaps to be expected.


LOL and dont forget the ‘save the earth’ posts that have started popping up since the xbox folks have joined us. There were 3 diff forum topics related to ‘the install is using too much power how could Asobo and MS use so irresponsible’ LOL? priceless!


I don’t want to be pessimistic… but literally most of the Forum are now people complaining about the graphics downgrade and begging the Devs to revert them back - or at least to have more options to control them so both the Graphics seekers and the FPS seekers will gain what they want. Meanwhile? Meanwhile there was not even a single “We are aware” posts nor on the Forum nor on Twitter, nor the visual downgrade be adressed in the Hotfix. Do they just “forget” or “did not see”? I highly doubt considering the ammount of pressure put on them.

I want to be optimystic… but it starts to feel more and more that this situation right now is indeed the new feature and not the bug in the eyes of the Devs.


Absolutely! But it was PC gamers who made it possible to create an Xbox version with their purchases last year. And most of them still have and continue to support the xbox port. Leaving them out in the rain right now, especially in VR, hurts. The next update should take this into account in the interests of fairness.

And I am not a console hater, I have dozens of them from the 1980’s PC-engine to the PS4Pro, including some xboxes.

Thats another, more difficult case. I think it is real, nothing just happens. In my opinion, Asobo did magic with pretty cheap tricks and drilled some very thin boards. But thats just my perception, as said before.


My pc is drawing 690 watts in the hangar and menu. That’s just stupid, and FS20 is not the only game to do it. War Thunder does it too. Throw money out the window and put the extra wear on your system, if you want, but criticizing others for a legitimate concern is just lame.


I’m new to MSFS on Xbox (should I wear a helmet!)

Actually I’ve found people here to be really kind and helpful in the main.

It is true that a few have been getting frustrated and blaming their ills on ‘Xbox kiddies’, but I trust that’s just normal ‘internet angst’. I hope that MS/Asobo will fix the things that need fixing and the additional funding from Xbox players will help that I would expect. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve said it from the start, it’s definitely a thing on here. But I find most of it a bit pathetic to be honest. If you ask advice you get friendly help from most. However largely the forum at large is a very negative place at the minute


I’ve been a very vocal apologist for the various stumbles OTW to SU4, always insisting Asobo would not leave PC/Win10 users out in the cold when the Xbox port completes. I still believe this because for starters they already had it in great shape w/ SU4, but right now my excitement for MSFS has really dwindled. Between the loss of crisp high detail textures and the absolute washout of colors s/p SU5, the degredation in volumetric clouds, plus a few bugs hopefully that will get sorted out soon, I’m really disappointed to the point I won’t use it if it is not restored, and I’ll never buy an Xbox Series X to run it on, so that’s out. So many of us bought hardware to support sterling performance, now that is sitting idle largely–so little VRAM and RAM in use now. So yes, very sour grapes, and feeling a little egg on my face for having been such a staunch apologist. I see absolutely no reason, as the dust clear post-Xbox deployment, that the sim can’t run differently on both hardware platforms. Heck, MS/A could simply release SU4 for PC users and keep them separate completely and everyone on PC would be delighted right about now. I’m going to park it for now as it’s just absolutely lost appeal having been duly spoiled by the excellent progress to SU4 thusfar.


Companies will now have a larger pool of customers so it benefits both groups.


If you look at my earlier post today you will see that I acknowledged this. Xbox players are welcome. Those that are serious will continue and thrive in the FS community. As far as I am concerned PC or Xbox are all part of the same community. It is the love of flying and participating in an awesome hobby that counts for me. Those that are here in the short term just for a blast will disappear in a couple of weeks.
My dissatisfaction here is aimed fair and square at MS in the way they have forced a myriad of issues, bugs and crashes on the pc player as they released an update that was simply not ready for PC just so they could hit the Xbox playerbase on time. I certainly do not hate on the Xbox player for wanting to get involved and I would urge other pc players not to either.


Yeah, it’s usually quite chill once the initial patch angst dies down. Happens every time a patch/update is released.

I’ve been on these forums for almost two years now, and the vast, vast majority of folk here are nice and friendly. There’s always a few odd ducks, but that is bound to happen on any large online community. And you can always mute people you really don’t want to hear from at all - but that’s really rare, I think I have like 2 people muted and that’s it.

So no need for a helmet, welcome to Flight Sim, and have fun! That’s what 99.99% of us are here for - to have fun in a shared hobby.


This is what it’s all about - a beautiful day, a beautiful Saturday Hop from Paris to Frankfurt… lovely!


Not hate for Xbox players just sucks that PC performance has to suffer. The Xbox should have its capability limited setting while the Pc shoulder be able to configure according to how it was pre update. Awesome that more people get to experience aviation


i get more CTDs on XBOX series X, than on my mediocre PC. So i play on PC and i put also setting above ultra manually. It looks better on XBOX though, its 4K. I run my PC on 2600x1600p

I personally don’t “hate” (the word itself has always put a bad taste in my mouth) those who choose to play on console but it’s undeniably being rubbed in our faces as PC players.

I’ve never owned a console but this morning I actually watched some streams of XBox users experiencing their new sim. It was awesome. One thing that stuck out to me as a technology nerd was the feat that MS and Asobo accomplished in getting this monster to run on a console. Something that not too long ago I would have said was impossible to do on a PC let alone a console.

I for one have been excited to welcome additional people into the flight sim hobby that I’ve enjoyed for so long. The more people invested in the flight sim eco system, the better. The release on console just gives so many people an easier, cheaper entry into the hobby which is great.

I know there’s a lot of negativity towards the XBox release from PC players right now but please don’t let that spoil your own enthusiasm. We will all enjoy the skies together!


Absolutely true, we’re all just trying to have fun/unwind. I don’t understand why so many pc players are so bothered by how Xbox players choose to play. At the end of the day, it’s just a hobby.


I have both and it’s awesome on the Series X and doesn’t look downgraded at all to me. Agree about the LOD popping and draw distance not being enough. Hopefully it will improve in time.


Good post. I am new here, only got the game on Thursday on Xbox. It’s the main reason I chose Xbox over PS when all I have ever owned was PS right from the start. Like others, I agree that 99.9% are friendly here and don’t care whether you use PC or Xbox but there is a minority I have noticed that make it PC vs Xbox which is a shame but overall people seem very welcoming.

The more people that purchase this game, whether it be PC or Xbox, means the more this game will grow and the better it will become, that can only be a good thing for all of us.