Xbox dev mode and msfs

Okay, I thought I would start a topic relating to the new discovered dev mode and the possibility to install content into the xbox version of the sim, me personally have not been able to see how this possible, I have absolutely no idea where to start, it may aswell be in a foreign language, one member has already told me that this is possible so very very interested in trying to get this working, only trouble is there are no documented way as to how do this, for me this would definitely be a massive improvement to a already very good sim, but us xbox simmers need things like navigraph integration, vatsim and most importantly the flybywire mod which I believe all these items can be used in the xbox version if the information I have gotten is correct.

Massive shame flybywire can’t adapt the a320 to work with the xbox.

Anyway any help and advice on how to do this if anyone else out in sim community has done this on the xbox would be very very much appreciated



first, the Dev mode isnt new - pc has had it since launch or soon after iirc
they already stated No 3rd party apps that needed direct access (like navigraph, simbrief, littlenavmap etc) will be supported on xbox in a dev q&a

i dont have an xbox so i cant speek to the abilities of the Dev mode in it but i can tell you what its used for in pc
on pc the Dev mode gives some limited utilities but it also gives a gui frontend to the sdk (software development kit)
on pc this sdk is several external downloads you install in Addition to the game, its needed to create or edit practically anything
we (pc users) also have a section on xbox, including samples in these downloads

all in all, i believe the xbox Dev Mode is probably limited, its doubtfull you can get a ‘build environment’ on the xbox console itself imo
likely the mods will be built on pc then added to the console via the ingame store or some other method similar they create - consoles dont like to give direct file access (necessary to edit/create anything) for security reasons

Dev mode on XB? How can one access that?

You can download it from the xbox store, but the only catch is you have to register and pay a 1 time subscription via the Microsoft website, you can then boot your console into dev mode, so its all lagit nothing dodgy.

IIRC the developer mode for the Xbox OS itself disables access to downloaded Xbox games; it’s meant for testing apps and games with Visual Studio. If this is what you’re referring to, I don’t think it’s going to help much as you won’t be able to access MSFS from dev mode.

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Just to clarify he doesnt mean the dev mode of MSFS but the devmode of the Xbox console itself.


Thank you Patrickb1973 for clafiying that

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Patrickb1973 would you be able to confirm you are still able to install the flybywire a320 mod please? Not sure if microsoft have done something to prevent us from accessing the files I need to get access to, unless I am doing something wrong, I am guessing you use an ftp program on a computer to access the xbox but how the hell do you go about setting that up, as guess you need access to where the sim is installed on the xbox

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You can’t; games are not accessible when booted into dev mode, and dev mode apps/games aren’t available when booted into regular gaming mode.

Yes I can still transfer the files and install the mod, just make sure after you done setting everything up you disable dev mode before you play a game.

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Are you using an ftp program on your computer to connect to the xbox, and if so how do go about setting that up, do you need to setup the xbox as an ftp server or do you just use the ip address of the xbox and connect?

Here some info how to setup devmode Install Dev Mode Xbox Series S and X! Dev Mode Full Setup Tutorial & App Install Guide! - YouTube and here 1 on how to ftp (Xbox One) How To FTP Into Dev Mode For Free With FIlezilla - YouTube

Also check this

There are many ways to transfer files and for everyone its more of a personal choice, if you google you can find pretty much all the info you need including how to unhide the hidden files etc.


Okay, that’s got one step closer, everything is setup I can access my xbox, but where do I copy the flybywire files to or how do I get on the xbox

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Thank you very much.
Can you please tell me which folder on the xbox contains the community folder and, in general, the MSFS folder?


I did everything according to the instructions above. Everything worked out. The main thing did not work out. I couldn’t find the simulator folder.
Connected as per the instructions, through the opening of ftp on xbox.
Please tell and show how this is done. How to find the folder with the installed simulator?

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Dev Mode on the XBox is a very very very limited application. Think of it like a dual boot situation for XBox. You can reboot your XBox into Dev Mode, BUT it is a whole separate XBox install. You can only put files onto that small partition if you will. It DOES not have any access to your retail install partition.

It’s meant to create small games, or setup emulators. You cannot use it at all to modify a retail program or any of its files. THUS, there is no way to install addon’s into your MSFS install on your retail partition. And before you get the idea, you CAN’T even install MSFS onto that dev mode partition. The partition you get is WAY too small to install MSFS even if you could figure out someway to get to the installation media. I mean, look at your XBox in dev Mode. The store, the links don’t even work.

There is no documentation on how to get it to work because the whole philosophy behind Dev Mode was to create a developer playground that was wholly separate and distinct from your retail area. What you are attempting, it just CAN’T be done.

Look at the announcement for Developer Mode from XBox itself if you don’t believe me. " Xbox retail consoles can have two modes, Retail Mode (1) and Developer Mode (2). In Retail Mode, the console is in its normal state: you can play games and run apps acquired through the Xbox store. In Developer Mode, you can develop and test software for the console , but you cannot play retail games or run retail apps."


I also have the same problem, everything is connected and setup I just can’t see where to put the files, the only folder/drive that has anything in it is the dev partition, need some guidance on this please

So if it can’t be done how is it that a member has managed to do this, adding addons to the sim and all working fine?

Also tried that, doesnt work. Just the sandbox. I can see other drives with a little work but no content. There is no proof from that user that it works

It’s a pity. And I was so happy after reading the posts of a friend, patrickb1973…