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With you regarding liveries, I’m not sure if this will be possible on Xbox due to copyright etc, hopefully though. The AI traffic definitely isn’t right, although I suspect this probably helps keep the game running stable on the console, especially around busy airports and cities.

The issue with HDR is that it’s set to 10000 nits peak brightness, it’s too bright, blowing out highlights. No consumer TV is capable of 10000 nits, we need an in-game calibration tool to set our own peak brightness level. HDR, Dolby Vision look awful on my OLED at the moment. I’m also noticing more framerate drops while using VRR at 120Hz.

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I’m having continuous CTDs on the XBOX Series X. Usually during the taxi after landing. The latest hotfix has drastically decreased the graphics quality. Stuttering and jitter that didn’t exist in XSX also emerged. It doesn’t look like the most graphically beautiful and stable version of the release.

Try a new install - i didnt have never a CTD inflight or on taxi.

Huge crash with Quick Resume. With live everything on (except weather) on a flight from somewhere to Four Corners airport in the Cessna 152. I paused and logged out of the Xbox. Tried to Quick Resume hours later, the game crashed to desktop and restarted with the first time setup dialogs (with the dude narrating). When I got back to the game’s main menu, I had lost my flight and my flight logbook and training flights but kept the grades I had earned. It also kept my custom controller settings. Extra FYI – the game may have been downloading a world update during the flight. This was on the latest version on 8/7/21 so you should be able to get the version number from that.

If the game cant play nice with Quick Resume, please make that known in game and block the system from trying to do it.


Please include a global invert Y axis for the camera. Daunting to do with binding management.

I suggest you do a lot of controller settings testing with used controllers; especially controllers used by shooter/racing players. All Xbox controllers drift and especially these.

The in menu mouse centric controls are clunky for controllers. We’re accustomed to D pad and bumper based navigation. And when you only have one option on screen, it seems weird to have to move a mouse pointer to get to it. It should be there by default. Post tutorial screens come to mind.

That Cessna 152 needs dashboard backlights. Its got every other light. Even Yugos have them

Need an option to turn live weather on by default, not have to remember it. Or I missed something, which is easy in this game.

Yes I mentioned this in my linked thread about how HDR is broken in Flight sim. Vincent Teoh from HDTVtest (YouTube) did an amazing analysis on it, where he explains the issue better.

They either need to add in game HDR sliders for min/max luminance levels, or take the information provided by the HDR game calibration app.

I’ve noticed a significant reduction in performance and quality since the hotfix 2. Lots more stuttering now and freezes. Series X.

No acknowledgement that they’re fixing the Xbox version, either. Bit worrying!


Not sure what’s happened here, but certainly some problems on the Series X since?

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No, GFX is better since Hotfix on my Xbox XS - also the performance.

I think VRR at 120Hz is broken since launch. Lots of drops on my LG BX OLED.

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Dont forget to delete your cache file after every update. It helped me with CTDs on XSX.
Hope it will help.

Which one, the one within the game?

Yup I’ve noticed this as well, a significant drop in performance after the latest hotfix, lots more stuttering, frame drops, and crashes on the series X.

And I’ve been a part of this forum since the Xbox launch, and it seems to be Asobo’s stance on most issues, is ignore and hope that the people complaining just stop. It’s only when enough people complain about an issue that they’ll actually make a response on it, or even do something as simple as adding it to the known issues list. But yeah agreed, Asobo’s community response has been a joke, it’s been lights out for Asobo ever since the Xbox launch.

Even this thread, you shouldn’t be the one making this, Asobo has a whole “Known Issues” list, it’s just they choose to ignore half the problems, and won’t update that list unless they are forced to respond.

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Sadly my earlier optimism was premature and I’m still having some fairly major performance issues on Xbox Series X on descent from cruise and then increasing through to approach to airports. These are still particularly pronounced when descending from higher altitudes as opposed to just ‘spawning in’ by using the travel to function or by starting on approach by selecting only an arrival point on the world map.

For example, I just descended from cruise altitude on a 747 and attempted to land at London Gatwick and the sim was extremely stuttery by the time I attempted touchdown.

I then tried the exact same approach again but ‘spawned in’ about 10 miles out by selecting the runway as an arrival destination (and no departure) on the world map. This time it was beautifully smooth.

All very odd and I’m hoping that this will be ironed out as it’s put me off doing longer or high altitude flights for the time being. Low and slow remains an absolute pleasure on the other hand.

I’ve been playing on Series X since launch and haven’t ever seen any animals, even when I go to designated spots on the map.

I haven’t changed any fauna or other settings that would have anything to do with animals.

Anyone else have this issue?


I did go looking for Elephants in Ethiopia over the weekend and couldn’t find any at the map spot. I haven’t looked for any other fauna


Probably add poor cockpit refresh rate, and blurry cockpit visuals for Xbox Series X.

Please be polite - this open issue list is there since the release of Flight Simulator on PC. The issues from Xbox will now populated.

I tried to find some animals the other day, via the World Map and was unsuccessful. It seems to be a long-standing problem that hasn’t been rectified.


Thank you for bringing the poor cockpit refresh rate to my attention.