Xbox marketplace : no new planes

Zero new planes in this week’s update

Feeling a bit like the poor relations of the MSFS family to be honest

The weekly update system also feels like they think they’re doing us a favour - can’t they be added as they’re available ?

Egypt and Scotland


Indeed, I tried to impulsively buy an airport on marketplace this morning and transaction failed twice. Way to go to kill impulsive buying. Marketplace is a slow constipated mess.
I’m switching between PC (laptop) and XBox X (4K 48" OLED TV) and having a best of both worlds experience right now. Laptop only runs at 1350x900 or so, it’s not great but it works and I like the available freeware, which I don’t see ever coming to XBox tbh.
At least my profile switches easily between the two platforms! The PC add ons certainly don’t.


This is very frustrating indeed. We know that there are multiple highly regarded aircraft in the backlog waiting to be added to the store. Just Flight, for example, confirmed that many of their popular GA aircraft were submitted months ago.

This is a huge problem on Xbox in my opinion since no detailed aircraft exists on this platform.

But, we do have a lot to look forward too in the not so distant future; WT mods (G3000, CJ4, etc.), Aerosoft Twin Otter and CRJ (hopefully this year) as well as various Just Flight and Carenodo GA aircraft.

Thought about putting an item on the wishlist about this, but I doubt it’ll get significant traction, since this a problem that only exists on Xbox.


I bought a couple of Carenado aircraft in their sale on the PC, so I wouldn’t miss out on getting them when they finally get approved on XBox. It really shouldn’t be this way. I mean have a headline sale on 7 aircraft and only 3 available on XBox. This honestly is bad marketing to the Xbox audience. Sends out all the wrong signals.


The CRJ 900/1000 is about to be released. According to Aerosoft “We are in the holding, waiting for clearance.”
Which sounds to me like: “We sent the files to Asobo and waiting till it appears on the marketplace.”

They have a contract with Asobo on the CRJ, they are only allowed to release it to their store when it appears on the marketplace.

Oh, we are talking XBOX here, sorry! My post referred to PC :slight_smile:

More and more i get a bad feeling for complex mod stuff for xbox. I think we will never see things like DC6 or the Just Flights Warrior (or other studylevel planes) on xbox marketplace, coz they using complex codes on thier mods.
Best example is also Seafront Simulations on Marketplace - on PC it runs without any issue but not on xbox.


Or other free add ons for that matter. I don’t see anything free other than what arrives through the store. They may say they will support free add ons, but I doubt they are the community type ones outwith the marketplace. I don’t foresee XBox being opened up to mods, free ware and community. Marketplace is the gatekeeper for the platform.
I can see why they want/need to do this, but its frustrating non the less, especially when you see what’s out there as freeware add ons on the community side of things.


Agree. I love playing MSFS on my Xbox S but do hope that they will deliver more and more quality aircrafts and mods that are available for PC. Hopefully this is just the start on Xbox as it is a younger iteration that PC. They say there isn’t a market on consoles but I have never bothered with all the fuss of a sim on PC as I own a Mac. Xbox made it dead simple to get started and I would be happy to pay extra for excellent airplanes.


As long as there isnt a system in place to actually provide free mods to Xbox, no freeware developer will make them xbox compatible anyway.

Asobo said they have someone working on that system. The dev who was hired for this quittet as he had other things to do, so they had to find a new one to work on it. Its in the pipeline…

Isn’t virtually everything in the pipeline right now? As long as Asobo is working on Reno and GOTY this pipeline will only get longer

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The dev that is working on this system is definitely not working on GOTY or Reno…

I’ll believe it when I see it. How many years away are we talking about though.The xbox market is here and now.

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Yes, this was a huge punch in the gut for me. I really wanted to get my hands on the Seneca…

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This is true, yes, but the CRJ from Aerosoft will eventually come to Xbox and this will hopefully inspire others to develop more complex aircraft for Xbox. I don’t think we’ll ever see aircraft on the level of PMDG 737 or Fenix A320, however I think CRJ and similar levels of complexity is definetely possible. We already have very detailed interior and exterior models (Ju-52 for example) and complex avionics thanks to WT, which run great on Xbox. Surely it’s possible to do moderately complex aircraft like the CRJ perhaps in a limited capacity.

To be fair, they have picked up the pace and hired 4 developers to work exclusively on the marketplace. I think the problem is one of priority; IMO they should bring at least one of the highly requested aircraft into the marketplace each week if possible.


Liveries on AI aircraft would be a decent addition too

Frustrating when an airport is finally busy but the realism dies when the airport is full of bland fictitious liveries


There is an add on coming soon (I hope) for this. Simple Traffic by Aerosoft. I think I read it won’t be expensive either.


This keeps coming up and has been answered multiple times. They can’t put something out if the developers don’t have it working on XBox. There are obviously issues getting some of these things to run on it (like JustFlight’s Pipers which apparently had issues in the Marketplace, I don’t know specifically what issues)… but the trend right now certainly seems like if complex aircraft are your thing, XBox is NOT the platform for having those. It is what it is. It’s frustrating to the XBox community because they were led to believe that these things will happen but more and more developers are announcing no XBox support for the planes they are working on. I can certainly empathize with the XBox users, but… if I were them (and if their situation allows), just switch to the PC. This is gonna be a long ride.

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You are wrong - i never had offical answered. we all including myself are doing assumptions.

It was in one of the Q&As.