Xbox msfs saved space for add ons límited to 16g! Bad!

Brief description of the issue:

It seems the limitation on the saved data for MSFS on Xbox limits installation of add ons and and other marketplace downloads.

It is currently set fixed at 16gb.
I could not complete installing purchased airports from the marketplace. No matter what I did . Even un plugged the power from the xbox and restarted the sim over and over.

I went to the (manage game and add-ons) option on the Xbox main menu for msfs. The saved data says it’s 16 gb. It gives you an option to (clear reserved space) and warning that it will quit the game if the game is running.

When you click on it game resets and ALL YOUR ADD ONS WILL UNINSTALL !


Basically your add ONs for MSFS on Xbox are limited to 16 gb. And once this is taken up your cannot decompress and install any more add ONs of any kind.

And anything that’s is tied to the saved space and the 16 gb limit will create problems Due to limit.

If the photogrammetry and others are tied to this it might explain the poor performance on Xbox.

This needs to change to UNLIMITED GB for the saved data as an option to the user rather than just 16 gb fixed.

I purchased and downloaded the NA WU and two airports from the marketplace and my 16 gb were gone. !!!

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