Xbox Multiplayer can only see Generic Models

Hi Everyone,

I purchased an Xbox Series S specifically for MSFS and to fly with friends who did the same.

I was wondering if anyone knew how to display the correct aircraft models on group flights, for example we both select the stock C152 - and while flying together in a staggeringly beautiful simulated world, are each confronted with an incongruously bad model of a generic Bonanza or something similar. The propeller appears to be stopped and when a floatplane or taildragger is selected looks totally bizarre.

Airliners appear as either a low-poly twin or A380-esque jumbo.

The only exception I’ve seen is the A320N which when flown by other players in multiplayer appears correct and high quality. If this a deliberate downgrade to keep the Xbox version running smooth then it seems odd that they’d allow a quality model of one type to be displayed - if my Xbox can display a dozen shiny A320N’s clogging up a taxiway at Tokyo then I’d hope it could show me my Friend’s humble 152 alongside mine out in the mountains.

I understand on PC there’s a setting to enable/disable generic models, but I can’t seem to find that on Xbox under traffic settings.

Anyone know if I’m missing something?

I’ve got the same issue (on Xbox). I’m really hoping they can fix this as it does really bring down the emersive feeling. I’m really hoping they can also eventually make it to where we can actually see what aircraft are flying even if we don’t own them (i.e., someone shows their flying a 777 but I see a a380 type).

DCS seems to have this figured out, I just hope MSFS can do this as well.

If you both own the aircraft and have it installed you will see that aircraft if others in multiplayer are flying it. There isn’t a toggle. I have no issue with this, also on Xbox.

If someone is flying a plane you don’t own and therefore don’t have installed, you will not see it as you haven’t installed the necessary files.

If you can’t see aircraft that you for sure have installed, I would recommend installing them again - you can delete and reinstall individual stock aircraft via the content manager, particularly do so if it’s every time even after restarting the sim. Worst case try a full sim reinstall although that really shouldn’t be necessary.


The thing is it won’t let me uninstall default aircraft like the 787 for example. It bugs me that for whatever reason I can only see other people’s 787’s when I’m flying the 787. When I am flying anything else the 787 shows up as an a380 which makes no sense. Same goes for other aircraft like the 737 (Bredok), when I fly the 737 I’ll see other 737’s when other online players are flying it, but yet when I fly anything else I can no longer see players actual 737, it appears as a small GA aircraft which is dumb.

I’m on Xbox, premium version, all online settings turned on, and all content manager is up to date.

I really don’t want to uninstall the whole game in fear of losing my HOTAS bindings for my thrustmaster.

Interesting. I was flying a 747 the other day and someone was buzzing close in the Bredok 737. I own it, but wasn’t flying it, yet I could see it quite clearly and well rendered, livery and all. I wonder what the issue could be causing this not to be the case for you. Sorry I couldn’t help.

I hope it gets resolved soon.

Thanks, I even tried a full uninstall and reinstalled but it only fixed the default aircraft from what I can tell. I still can’t see other 737’s or 777’s unless I’m flying either for some reason.

On Xbox, I only ever see Bonanzas and Barons on Xbox.
And sometimes a 320.
Sometimes if I use an aircraft, I see if others are using it, mostly not though.

Most awful yet: Ju52 shown as A320…even when using floatplanes on the water.

On PC, it works a bit better, but not perfect either.


I haven’t tried multiplayer yet, but I wouldn’t want to have these kinds of bugs when I do. Hope this will be resolved soon, in the meantime I voted for! :inbox_tray:


Same exact thing here. Even after I completely uninstalled everything and reinstalled I still can’t see other people’s airplanes as they should appear online. Even the default 747 and 787 both show up as a380’s on my screen and it just drives me nuts.


So I just got SU6 and I’m still having this problem on Xbox but I did find a way to somewhat resolve the issue for me (even though it’s not always practical).
I used LAX as my test Airport since there are a lot of online players there. Anyways I start myself airborne at a custom start point just East of the smaller airport beside LAX which is KHHR (i believe you can also start out at this airport on the ground with the same result). Anyways if you start out at one of these locations and fly West to LAX I’ve consistently been able to see online players aircraft as they’re supposed to look (i.e., 777-200 actually appears as is instead of a generic a380).

I believe its some kind of issue with loading the data incorrectly.

I’m curious if everyone on Xbox experiences this or just a few of us?


So after the recent update my latest workaround no longer worked but thankfully after a lot of experimenting I seemed to have found a permanent solution.
By going to options, General options, Traffic, then under the “Airport Life” section, bring the slider down to 90 or below and then I’m able to see all aircraft as they should appear (as long as I own them of course).
I find that having it set to 100 was the cause of other online players aircraft not showing up correctly.

This must be some kind of weird of memory glitch on the Xbox side, at least for some users, but this seems to be a permanent workaround for now!

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I will try that !

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Well dang, it was working for hours and now it’s not now. I just don’t get what is going on with this problem. Every time I think I find a solution it turns out to be only temporary.
I feel like it’s just random. Sometimes it loads up correctly and sometimes it doesn’t.
I’m back to nothing showing up correctly again…

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I have the same problem as well, I’m able to see the 737 and the a320’s but all other aircraft are a380’s and for GA aircraft they are bonanzas like you said.


It’s also strange that I notice minor differences depending on the aircraft in flying. When I fly some airplanes it seems like I can see a few more aircraft correctly (like the Cessna C25) but with some I don’t see any aircraft correctly except for the a320. Even the 737 won’t show up correctly most of the time unless I’m flying it myself.

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i havn’t seen a singel A380 ever! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
When it comes to generic models, those not only show i you don’t own the other players aircraft but also if you DO have the same aircraft but NOT the same livery, i’ve tested this with a friend and it seems to fall back to a generic model as soon as one, either aircraft or livery does’nt match. My guess is that thats why the expirience on console could be slightly worse since you can’t isntall custom liveries?

I think we see different AI flight models on different platforms. Maybe the a380 is only a xbox thing?
I really hope the next update fixes this aircraft visual problem for Xbox. It’s such a drag and kind of ruins the experience for me and emersion factor.

I used to use flight Sims on my PC up till now, mostly just because I don’t want to put in the expense to get a new upgraded PC to run MSFS, but now on Xbox I feel like we’re getting the short end of the stick on a number of things with this problem being the biggest for me so far.


I hope this gets fixed for all aircraft in the official market place. We already see this with games like Forza Motorsport and it’s DLC.

on the pc you have the option to disable these generic models, but the Xbox always lags behind in these things

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i just got MSFS on a Series-S and immediately experienced the problem.

I cannot see the correct plane even when other people are using the default planes (as example i saw a couple of A320 with the label “F18”)
Then i reinstalled MSFS, nothing changed.

Life lead me to change my console into a Series-X and drop my “old” Series-S to my old dad (user to be a real-life-pilot) . Installed the whole sim from scratch. Still the same issue.

So: I never saw the right plane when meeting another player online, no matter i i own or not that plane, no matter if i’m using or not that plane, no matter if i reinstall the plane, the game or even change console (and type of console)!

Any idea?
this is REALLY annoying, we bought 2 console as “cheap” hardware for the very unique target to fly together and this is really killing the feeling.