Xbox One Controller On PC Not Vibrate After Last Update SU5

Xbox one controller on pc does not vibrate after last update SU5 even if set in options. Please fix in the next hotfix2.

problem not solved yet after hotfix 2 hopefully in the next world update on August 24th


I am also having this problem, I hope they resolve it.

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same here with xbox elite controller mk2

Same on xbox360 wired and wireless w / receiver on PC.

Is vibration working on Xbox console versions?

I’m having the same issue. Controller vibration worked perfectly until SU5 no matter what controller I was using. I bought an XBox controller hoping it would be more compatible but vibration doesn’t work with that either.

This is no small issue to me. Without the controller vibrating on touchdown, there’s almost none of that satisfying feeling of landing anymore. I won’t be playing until this is fixed.

Devs downplaying the bugs too much. There’re too many lousy bugs in this game so should stop using the voting system to determine priorities in feedbacks.
Feedback screenshot says that sometimes “Oh I don’t care about that problem because the number of votes is too low!”, another time “It will be fixed 2022 or 2023 if I feel like it!”.

They should work seriously because this game is not freeware or early access.


Great post I think like you.I hope it will be fixed in the next update.I don’t think it’s that hard to fix.

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Have the same issue. Ca’nt feel the runway when landing which is annoying.
Can’t even vote because of this new silly limit on votes.


Same, no vibrations, pc and xbox elite controller.



Any official word on this issue yet? The slider is still there so one would assume disabling this was unintentional. Seems like a slight to PC users since it apparently is working on the Xbox versions. Really felt like it would have been fixed with one of the hotfixes. If the situation were the other way around, you can bet they would have been working on it immediately, until it was fixed.
As it surely was an unintentional bug created by the port over to Xbox I’m not sure why it even requires a vote to get it addressed. MS/Asobo had stated the experience would be the same on both platforms.


Still not fixed yet with latest update. They’ll never fix until this topic gets hundreds votes and listed in feedback screenshot lol

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Yes, you are right, you have to vote if we want the vibration on the controller, I don’t think it is so difficult to put it back in place the problem that they care little and nothing. Hopefully with the next upcoming SU6 it will be resolved but I’m afraid it will take a long time. Meanwhile, we need to find people who vote.


Update 6 and still no fix. The satisfying feeling of vibration on landing has been replaced with nothing but irritation and frustration over the developers not caring at all about this.

I miss you, FS2020. The FS2020 I fell in love with and paid more money than I could afford to buy a PC that would run it smoothly. I really hope I can play this sim again one day and love it like I did, but the lack of any regard given to this issue has really left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

The entire PC version is f… up since the Xbox release. Controlls, Lighting, ATC, Crashes and the UI. It was near perfect before the Xbox release update, but now it’s a pain in the ■■■ and I’m glad I did not pay for it back then. I would def regret that now.

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Totally agree, before SU5 was perfect

So sad the XBOX controller doesn’t vibrate now, I miss the old days.

Series X controller user here. I thought I messed something up, but checked the menus and even confirmed that my controller’s rumble motor works. Tried stock planes and add-ons. Rumble is just gone. Does indeed make it hard to tell if you’re overstressing an aircraft.

Open a ticket on Zendesk
this is the answer from asobo:

Bugs and issues that have been successfully reproduced will be categorized and prioritized—game-breaking bugs will receive the highest priority, while middle-of-the-road and cosmetic bugs are prioritized based on reproduction and the number of times reported.”
Now waiting next SU6 i think will be fixed.

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Well, if it helps I will add to the people complaining about this issue. My Xbox One controller has not had vibration on PC since the Xbox release update.