Xbox PC Game Pass FS upgrade bundles


I installed the Xbox game pass version of FS standard edition. I like how it performs on my system so Im looking to purchase it outright. On Xbox PC App the three $AUD options are Standard for $99.95, Deluxe for $139.95 and Premium Deluxe for $179.95. What is confusing however that in the simulator itself there is a MarketPlace which offers FS upgrade bundles… Deluxe upgrade for $119.95, Premium upgrade for $149.95 and suprisingly Premium Deluxe upgrade for $127.95.

Can someone please shine some light on what these upgrades stand for? By choosing an FS upgrade in the Marketplace am I actually buying the simulator outright or am I only upgrading the Xbox PC game pass version to a higher version with more airports and planes but it will also expire if I cancel the game pass?

Lastly if I purchase the upgrade bundle in the Markeplace will I need to reinstall the flight simulator and remove the one that was installed with game pass?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

Like many games they are discounted if you currently have game pass.

If you buy a game discounted, It will still work if you cancel Game pass.

Some times game pass sales are odd where a higher end version will be cheaper then the lower end version. Take advantage of it.

Happened with some games I got where the full pack editions were 30.00 cheaper. But you want to purchase discounted full games, not just addons Expect a game pass FS 2020 full game edition big discount in November.

Are you sure if buying the upgrade are we getting the full game. Some people says that when the game pass ends you have to buy the standard edition to keep playing. But I didn’t found any official word about this.

Let me clarify better. The individual small addons in the game will only work with the ful lgame, so yes you need to purchase the standard at least. Id wait, and buy only a discounted full version. Sometimes the better editions get higher Game pass discounts later.

IF you have game pass and download a game you did not purchase Like Flight Simulator 2020, then end the membership, you cnat play again untill active.

Gamepass gives discounts on full games in the MS store. Sometimes their are promos.

If your purchase a FULL GAME discounted with the current Game pass discount, it will still work after you cancel. Example I purchased an Xbox and PC title for 50 percent off durign a sale. IT was the game of the year platinum edition with all expansions. After I cancelled gamepass Ultimate, they both still work since it is a purchase of the full game regardless of the discount at the time, GAme returned to full price later so I got lucky.

EXPANSIONS: IF you purchase an expansion to a game pass game, but did not purchase the full game, no the expansiosn wont work until you purchase the full game.

This was common with Elder scroll online game expansion packs. You want to purchase the FULL collectors edition, not upgrade/DLC while discounted. Wait for sales. When ESO elswer was still new, 2 months later the Collectors edition full when on sale from 89.99 to 29.99. SO be patient, sale was only 5 days long.

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Okay, thank you Spazzy for clarifying, so based on your response and other conversations I’ve had I assume the following - please correct any assumptions if I’m wrong:

  1. In Xbox App before launching the game pass standard version of FS by pressing play there is an option to buy the simulator outright potentially some discount may apply for game pass users although I did not see any for FS yet (as you said Spazzy perhaps need to wait a couple of months for a good deal).

  2. If one purchases an upgrade (Premium/Deluxe or Premium Deluxe) for FS from within the game pass standard version FS internal marketplace then that upgrade will only work for the duration of game pass subscription.

  3. The game pass subscription FS version cannot be converted to FS outright owned version - meaning one needs to download the program again at 100 Gig+ . This is a bit of shame because many of us joined game pass to see whether the program performs to acceptable levels on current machines…and a licence coversion would be quick and painless.

  4. If one purchases the FS outright from Xbox PC app or steam - it is not possible to download the install package fully to an external hard drive to keep in case a reinstall is required… Unlike P3D where install files were made available? I guess what I’m assuming is that FS needs to be dowloaded and installed each time from the cloud at 5 hour download/install time? Or am I wrong with this?

Again thank you all for reading and any feedback is greatly appreciated.

I spoke with Microsoft Support today about point 2. He said from looking at my profile that I would loose access to the game when the xbox game pass for pc subscription ended, even though I bought the Premium Deluxe version thinking it would give me access to the full game after my game pass expires.

Its a shame since then I will have to buy the standard version to keep having access and it will in total cost much more than buying the Premium Deluxe full version from the Microsoft Store. :confused:

UPDATE: I have submitted a ticket to the FS2020 team. I will update again when I get any feedback.

IF you bought the FULL PC PRemium deluxe version you will still have access. IF you bought the much cheaper Expansion only then no you still need the base standard edition, and would need to purchase that or keep the sub active.

Often they have sales. FLight Sim will have a cell on the full Premiums. Wait for one then get The full or in your case standard to link to the add on. OFten when both are active later you get access to the 1 step premium editions.

I bought the cheaper one in-game yes. What annoys me is that it did not say anywhere that it would not be the full version. Looking at the advertising it seems like buying the full version :confused:

ScriptKiddie82 I suggest you ask Microsoft for a refund. The way they integrated the FS upgrade for the Xbox pass and its high $ price is ambiguous and unclear… leading to unnecessary confusion. If you contact Xbox support and specifically ask for a refund of the upgrade price, I’m sure they will help you out.


For your information, I have purchased the premium deluxe version from the game’s marketplace. Then I have unsubscribed from the xbox game pass. the game has stopped working.
I have requested a refund but they take 72 hours to respond.


There’s a fella on the forums saying he’s confirmed with ms that with the upgrade you also get standard. I think username is Griphos

Microsoft has had a week to clarify this.

It boggles my mind that we haven’t heard anything.

It’s almost like they want to get as many people to buy it thinking they bought the full version

At least in the EU they won’t be able to get away with that and will be forced to refund people who got tricked.

If you are in the US though I definitely wouldn’t buy any of these upgrades.

I had the same experience and conclusion.
I made a refund ticket on microsoft X-box support desk and i had a refund on my PayPall account within one day. The sim is still working untill the end of my one dollar montly game pass account.

Mail from Microsoft support.

You can get your money back of you have the right argument.
I made a refund ticket on with the chat function and that worked.
My argument was “Order wrong version by mistake”.

Okay, I just called Microsoft again and they refunded me. Seems like I contacted them the first time before they knew it was a problem. Kudos to Microsoft Support Norge :smiley: