Xbox/PC screens go black then CTD

Yes, live traffic off is my recommendation too on XSX.

The fact remains that if you have $500, it doesn’t make a ton of sense to invest in Xbox over PC given the constant stability problems on the platform (even putting aside all other limitations). I say this as someone who only uses the console, too.

The onus is indeed on MS to fix the issue, but it’s been going on for years. It almost certainly is not going to be resolved in the 2020 version, so 2024 might be the best hope for console users.


Xbox Series X also has the black avionics issue, so it’s not a guaranteed solution.


$500 will not get you a PC capable of MSFS, I doubt $1,500 is even enough to get a PC good enough to run It as the Xbox X can.

The black screens are a bug not the limitation of the Xbox. People seem to forget this.

Once again it’s on MS/Asobo to fix the memory leak.

Phil Spencer wants to push the Xbox he needs to own the issue and get partners to find solutions not hide the issue in the long grass and blame third party software or updates.


No one said $500 can get a PC, but if someone is on Series S, it doesn’t make sense to upgrade to an X when the money is a good start toward a PC build that avoids these constant problems. I sim on Series X and regularly get black screens with addon and Asobo aircraft, usually at addon airports.

The black screens are not an intended outcome if that’s what we mean by them being a “bug,” but they are also certainly a common result of the Xbox system memory running short. Thats why the S has them more than the X, and PC users get them much more rarely.

I totally agree that it’s on MS and Asobo to resolve these issues, but there’s no guarantee they will get fixed in 2020 or that they won’t recur in 2024. A CM has already casually implied (in their personal view) that Xbox stability with addons may not be anyone’s responsibility, which isn’t a great sign as it is.


Of course he does. It’s primarily an XBox title, with a closed ecosystem where you have no choice but use the Marketplace, thereby guaranteeing them income. The same reason Apple go out of their way to stop people from jail-breaking their iPhones so they don’t have to use their App Store. Protecting their revenue stream.

It’s ironic then that the XBox has so many problems, and that a major rework has been necessary just to make it viable once more. Which benefits all of us in the end, in theory at least as on paper 2024 sounds like a big deal.

But I do fear for what PC users will have foisted upon on us next year in their efforts to improve performance on a platform that cannot be upgraded.

My hope is that MS see the light, and that future console versions have a more realistic amount of memory in them.

I really couldn’t recommend one of them for MSFS right now, even more so if you already have an S, and are looking at an X. Start saving now, as you may find a PC build that will work well with 2024 will be cheaper than you think, and you then have all the benefits of that platform:

Community addons & mods
External connectivity (SPAD,LNM,Volanta)
Upgradable hardware


Ever since I turnt off live traffic and AI planes, CTD and Black screens have decreased drastically, this seems to be a fix for now, I’ve only had 1 Black screen

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Yes there are a few things folks can do.
(Aside saving up for a PC, which has own issues).

This YouTube video gives a roundup

(Is that allowed to post a link? Who knows).

Remove all add-on airports.
Scenery add-ons
Lots of world and city updates aren’t needed.
I personally keep live traffic and weather on.

All those other things definitely assist alot.

The console particularly the X does work.
Works for GA definitely most of the time.
I suggest you check you YouTube or Twitch.
There’s folks streaming on Xbox with tubeliners.
Not every Xbox has an issue.

Memory management and optimisation still to come coupled with MSFS2024 - console future is bright.

Some great deals still there for the X.

And if you still are having trouble, like me on series s then this reply on the inibuilds forum will give you a bit of hope for a flyable a320 in the near future:

Inibuilds: We are still optimizing it, should hopefully be better in the next beta version :slightly_smiling_face:


Looking for some troubleshooting thoughts from this thread, since the last WU I have not been able to complete a single flight always a freeze and then CTD. I am getting a lot of brilliant flashing pixels across the screen even on the main menu, looks like this:

Uninstalled all 3rd party scenery
Series X with nothing else on the machine except for MSFS
Network test shows 210 down 100.31 up. 51ms latency, 0% packet loss, 100% strength
32 gb rolling cache which I delete before every flight (also tried no cache)
Using Turtle Beach Velocity One, unplugged that and behavior didn’t change

I did a clean install 2 weeks ago and behavior has not changed. It’s clear it’s not an overall Xbox issue since everyone else is flying well. Something is corrupted somewhere I just don’t know how to find it?

Are you running now a fresh install with no add-ons at all? No world updates etc?

You on wi-fi or is Xbox hard wired…your speeds etc are good. Just wondering if WiFi is an issue.

Install.any other graphic rich game. Works ok??
I.e…Xbox is running ok, not overheating?

Personally what i would do is a full factory reset of the Xbox and start afresh. You could start by purging all your profile data for the game by going to manage game and do it from there.
I’d still do full reset though as well to be sure.

Install again and do not add anything you’ve paid for or free updates. Just go plain vanilla. Test it.

If better start adding things back one by one + things you really want one by one. Add-on planes seem fine it’s airports, world updates and scenery that seem to upset things.

If you tried all else that is all I can think off.
Nuclear option but worth a try.


I think I came to the same conclusion last night unfortunately. I thought it might be my screen resolution so I downgraded to 1440 but that had no effect either. I cleared my profile settings but didn’t have time to run a test, I’ll have to try again when I get some time today.

If that fails I’ll do a full Xbox factory reset. Unfortunately the only other games I have are FIFA and Madden from 2021 so not exactly graphics intensive. I am on WiFi connection so a hardwire is another option to test but it doesn’t make sense that this would pop up now after more than 2 years of problem free flying.


The problem is that these things are what makes the sim come alive and feel immersive. I would never want to use it without addons.

With that said, the sim is stable enough for me and my use cases at the moment, with addons installed. So im kind of satisfied, but hope that MSFS 2024 will remove all limitations for us Xbox users to never again fear black avionics no matter how we use it.


I agree code01, but if unplayable for whatever reason.
Then basic fault finding means go vanilla.
If still no good. Then factory reset and clear profile.
Then try again.

Some folks have huge issues for whatever reason. I’m wondering if the Xbox is overheating too. Could that be not helping. Mines in the open and well ventilated.

I know some people have them on cabinet shelves. Maybe lack of airflow pushes up temps. No idea.
But it is a fact some are worse affected. There has to be a reason…surely they’re all the same build and s/w.

I have alot of add-on airplanes nothing else.
No issues so far since coming back to test out again.

Flew Manchester to Rovaniemi just now literally. No stutters no black screen, no nav issues. That’s 3hrs or so.

LVFR A319. Live weather, and traffic on.

I was the same boat up until the last few weeks. No issues whatsoever, used to routinely fly the PMDG 737, DC-6, Blackbird 310 for 2-3 hours at a time with no issues whatsoever into third party airports all over the globe. One of my more recent purchases must have corrupted something.

Cleared my profile and just waiting for the core packages to update now.

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Any plane I fly that has a Garmin nav system or the A310 go blank either while setting up the plane or during descent. The pc-12 I bought none of the screens work in Europe however in America they work just fine. Never had any issues with this simulator until the last update that was pushed out a week or so ago. I’m playing on an Xbox series s

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Welcome baconstrips, we were just discussing doing a factory reset clear out profile and installing only the core sim. As the nuclear option to try an improve it.

No world updates, no third party purchases. (Airplanes seem to be fine though).

And testing to see if it improves.

You could first try uninstalling all the add-on airports and world updates.

If you get stable then trying to add things you want back one at a time. That’s all we got.

If no joy, then only option is first paragraph. That isn’t a fix. As even Vanilla has issues but it might significantly reduce the issue. Sorry :pensive:

Looks like I’ll have to take the nuclear option and reset my Xbox to factory settings. Cleared profiles and all game content. Finished downloading the essential packages, loaded the base Bonanza and immediately the screen colors started flickering again. Really disappointing.

Could it be your cables or the actual screen itself? You got some other screen to test on?

Before you reinstall the lot.

I tightened and checked all the cables again, maybe I’ll swap the HDMI cable and see if that makes a difference. I’ve used the same monitor for over a year at this point so that shouldn’t be the case.