Xbox Pilots - What's your current peripheral setup?

Hi all,

I have my Thrustmaster Hotas up front, with my Xbox controller to the left - but i’ll say, having to switch back and forth between the two is a challenge when i need to do it quickly, like when replying to ATC, etc.

Do you guys/gals use a keyboard? I’m curious to find out how everyone has their peripherals set up on their Xbox to make flying the most enjoyable.

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Hi, I use mouse, keyboard and Hotas TM. Sometimes also the rudder from TM

I’ve honestly made do with the Xbox controller, don’t crucify me I fully intend on buying a yoke I’m just waiting until I can go all out on the best once it becomes compatible with Xbox.

I have to tinker with the sensitivity a lot but I’ve been able to use my thumb delicately enough with the left joystick to maneuver my aircraft with relative ease and smoothness.


Definitely try mapping ATC Response #1 to a button. This really simplified things for me.

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I use-
Hotas One (main flight controls)
Wireless KB & with numpad (shortcuts, slew mode, camera views etc)
Wireless optical mouse (flight planner & cockpit instrument interactions)
XBox controller (solely for moving the drone camera and taking screengrabs)

All in all a very PCesque expereince with that setup and I use the same peripherals on PC (laptop) too. All very nice.
Just be aware that there is a current mouse freezing/loss of control bug on XBox X that has still to be recognised/fixed. It most frequently happens in the flight planner but can happen elsewhere too. It is random and very annoying and some people seem to have it happen more than others, but it needs fixing.


I didn’t realize you can use a mouse with the xbox. Does is it easier to navigate the menus than with the controller?


Ahh - didnt realize that could be done. Thanks! Does Response 1 also work to initiate ATC commands?

No worries. Does the sensitivity save when its set for the controller? It doesn’t right now for the Hotas and it drives me bonkers to have to constantly go back in and set it up over and over.

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This bug is exactly what has put me off getting the Hotas. Yes the sensitivity settings stick on controller.

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Good to know. Thanks!

I have the Hotas One for primary control, along with my Xbox controller and a wireless keyboard with built in trackpad.

Whatever is in the first position will be sent. This is usually enough to get you through the climb/cruise/descent/approach/landing phases of an IFR flight. I find upon landing is when I’ll need to go to the keyboard to use #2 and higher for things like contacting ground, requesting taxi to gates, ground services, etc.


Gotcha, thanks for the info!!

Sending ATC requests and responses is one of the main things that I use my keyboard for, as well. I use the trackpad primarily for zooming in and out on the map.

I have the Trhustmaster Hotas and also the Rudderpedals attached. In addition to that I also use a Keyboard and a Mouse to controll things within the cockpit. I also like to use the Xbox Controller to controll some of the views.

I fly mostly on PC though, where I use an additional mouse and a throttle lever.


Please tell me the names of these two gadgets so I can purchase them immediately.

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it’s a Chatpad for the Controller and a Numpad.

if you buy something similar, make sure it comes with it’s own USB bluetooth dongle, otherwise it doesn’t work on Xbox.
I have a passive USB Hub on my Xbox for those gadgets, works well.


Oh I see what you did with the num pad, that’s very creative. Might do the same