Xbox series keyboard not working

How many of you have a problem with keybord on xbox series? I have open a “request” and i dont have any tips for the moment

Is it a numpad keyboard? FS works better with a full keyboard with numpad as there are several numpad keyboard maps. I had a shorter one that worked but missed numpad bindings.
I’m using wireless KB with numpad & mouse combo with wireless dongle adaptor plugged into the front USB of the Xbox X.
I’ve had no issues with the keyboard and the mouse is only affected occasionally by the mouse cursor disappearing bug listed elsewhere on here. I’d make sure you have a default profile loaded for keyboard and mouse.
Others on here have used a USB wired keyboard/mouse too. If you are seeing issues rremove any splitter hubs (if you have any) first and just try one thing at a time in the front USB slot of the XBox. Also make sure they are connected before launching FS2020, then go to controller options and see if they appear.

Yes its a numpad keyboard! I have try 3 different kind of keyboard with and wirhout wire with the same issue! I do not try the FRONT usb. I try this tonight

I’m not sure there is a difference in USB connections but my wireless KB & mouse works well on front USB.

My keyboard work well with all the game except fs2020!!! I try the front usb! Maybe…

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Have you tried any other keyboards? There was a discussion on here a while back about a specific one not working with XBox

just search for keyboard and xbox on here like in this link

Yes i have try 1 logitech wireless 1 microsoft wireless and another logitech with wire.

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sounds strange. Go for front USB and see if it makes a difference. I saw a vague ref on here at one point to someone not seeing their mouse plugged in to rear USB. I forget who or when though. I’ve always had mine in the front USB with no splitter. My Hotas is plugged in to the rear USB of XBox.

I have try the front USB and my keyboard still not work!

Too bad. I am using a very generic low feature keyboard. It’s a Leadsail wireless KB / Optical Mouse combo with a dongle plugged in to front of XBox. It works, so I really don’t now how to debug your situation further other than trying very basic devices. You could also try attaching it through a powered usb3 hub to see if any of this is power related. I doubt it though. Is it just they keybaord that is the issue? Can you detect a mouse?
One other thing is does the keyboard work on the XBox dashboard (before you launch FS2020?) I can use KB to arrow key about the keyboard and return to launch things. Does this work?

Yes the keyboard work well in any other game and in the xbox menu expect in fs2020. My mouse work well

I’m all out of ideas. It is strange.

My keyboard works fine. What EXACTLY is the issue you are having?

When i’m in flight I don’t have any hotkey on the keyboard that works. My mouse work well. In the game menu the game detect keyboard mouse and xbox controller. I also see the hotkey assignment. My keybord work well with all my other game

I only saw that behaviour when I had switched off my keyboard (Logitech K400+) during startup or when I replaced the (cable bound) Razor keyboard with the Logitech K400 while the sim was running.
From then on only the touchpad mouse of the logitech keyboard worked, until I completely restarted the Xbox SX (with active keyboard).
What I found out also the keyboard dongle needs to be either put into of the 3 main USB housing slots or in a powered USB 3.0 hub (if a powered USB2 would work I could not say, as I don’t have one).
An unpowered (2.0 and 3.0) did not work with the dongle, the keyboard (and the mouse) wasn’t found at all.

what i find weird is that my keyboard mouse works fine with any other game except fs2020 and my mouse works fine on fs2020 so the problem is not with my keyboard. I am waiting for a return from the request that I opened. some player I play with starts one after another has lost their keyboard.

Completely restart the Xbox without keyboard, then, when xbox restart has completed, reconnect the keyboard, then start MSFS, this helped my brother who had the same problem…

I try this tonight

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My keyboard is work, but after this time upload, my mouse only can moving can’t click anything
Did anyone have the same problem with me?

There is currently an intermittant mouse bug on teh XBox that freezes/disappears the mouse cursor whilst leaving the button and scroll functionality working. They are aware of this issue. If you encounter it the only way to get mouse cursor visible again is to reboot FS2020. Not sure if that is what you are reporting though.