Xbox series x Anyone having problems?

Hello friends, how did people who have experienced fs2020 on xbox series x find the simulation on xbox? Are there any errors? How are the graphics? Bugs and FPS drops? Can you share the problems with me ?

Are you having trouble on Xbox?

It’s been fine for me to be honest bought the premium edition.

I’ve had one or two crashes but nothing major at all. It’s quite smooth and I haven’t really had many stutters. It has stuttered mainly when first loading in New York City and when I installed Switzerland meshes add on.

What is it you are worried about?

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had a few 120fps issues but my Samsung Q950 seems to have calmed down - there was an update for the TV so maybe that stopped th black screen

To be honest when you get past the obvious eye candy which is good, it’s a stutter fest on the series x!


I don’t see it. A stutter fest?

I do. It’s littered with issues and I will continue with it, but I don’t rate spates of smoothness as an adequate experience. The forums are full of issues and increasing more by the day now that people are getting over the “it’s a brilliant port to Xbox” syndrome. I’m not knocking it, it just should be in a better shape than it is.

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It’s so odd I’ve hardly had any problems. Is your Xbox well ventilated and standing upright? Have you got enough bandwidth?

I’ve honestly had about two crashes since I got it

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I’ve had no issues with glitches, Crashe to Dash, hitches frames pop in out bad resolution etc nothing. The game is awesome for me. I use the Xbox Series X. My Internet is underwhelming bad, yet it still works. I’ve turned off multilayer so I can just enjoy without seeing other planes on the runways or sky’s. I upped the cache to 32gb and had no problems. Photogrammetry is turned on too.

I must admit I did see a small issue flying over London but I believe its the Photogrammetry struggling to keep up with my poor wireless Internet at peek times.

However that issue is one of my hardware connection to the servers and Not the game, and you’re experience will differ. All in all I’m very please with it.


A few minor hitches aside, I’m having a fantastic time with the Xbox Series X version. For me, it’s the best looking, smoothest and most user-friendly experience of the sim that I have had. There’s room for improvement and further optimisation but I’ve no doubt this will come.


My Xbox is brand new, well ventilated, upright and I’ve a good internet speed. I haven’t had a crash at all but the stutters and lack of performance the longer a flight goes on is not good enough. I am glad that you are having a decent experience with it all but the amount of issues people are having beggars belief! You’d have thought that on Xbox it would be a case of “one size fits all” based on the requirements the sim stipulates. Good luck my friend.


No major Xbox x issues on my end… definitely no stuttering. Try the tv calibration tool. Its under Xbox settings, tv/display options.

I can’t use my Saitek PRO FLIGHT YOKE SYSTEM on XSX that running good on PC(Windows)。

For the closed ecosystem that is Microsoft Xbox you will need to buy specific xbox compatible peripherals.

My experience with the game has been very good! Obviously, the visuals are top notch. It has run better than 99% of the new games I’ve bought & played in the last 12-18 months. This game was not rushed to be released Imo. I’ve had a total of 1 crash since launch day. The initial install was definitely time consuming but, that’s to be expected with a game of this size. I’ve run the game with FPS monitor on & it stays almost locked on 110-120 constantly. Some dips below 110 but, I’m running a ton of map, dlc addons also. I’d say most graphical issues such as stutter, etc would be much more dependent on the TV & the settings

Just because you have a fast internet connection doesn’t mean that your connection to the FS servers is any good.

Xbox Series X here. Zero issues. I DO have a free 250 gigs on my console. Basically it’s a dedicated Xbox for MFS2020.
Not sure why some people are experiencing a “stutter fest,” to quote someone above… I have been regularly flying 2 hour trips. I haven’t had any crashes or freezes and certainly no stutters… I’m here to to tell these people they have donr something different than I have… ■■■■■■ internet, a stuffed full xbox memory with a tons of games on it, maybe a monitor issue? Whatever the case is, it’s certainly NO FAULT OF THE GAME. If it was, I’d have the issues, right?? :thinking:

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I’m currently having trouble pressing flight conditions. It won’t even let me press it on the Xbox. How am I meant to change my weather. I also want to change from AI to live traffic but it doesn’t let me tap on the “flight conditions “ on the top right of the screen before you start a flight!!

Then please enlighten me!

Restart the game? Restart the console? Does this happen Everytime you play? Maybe try reinstalling the game? I’m not having any issues like yours so I’m thinking something is wrong with your install… Oh! How about increasing your CACHE size to 20gigs? That’s what I did. I think it’s at 8 on default. Not sure if that makes a difference but that’s what I’ve done and I have zero issues. I also deleted a ton of games off my hard drive and now have an extra free 250+ gigs on my console… Maybe that extra space helps, too?

I’m not sure. I’ve got plenty of space. So I don’t think that’s the issue. Especially since it’s so small just wanting to click on the flight conditions. It was fine yesterday.I have tried restarting ect and still nothing. I’m in a flight now but there is no ground aircrafts or vehicles so I can’t even get a pushback from gate. I think it’s something to do with the game. Really needs updating!

Just frustrating as it was working fine yesterday