Xbox Series X Bush Trips

Does anyone else have issued with bush trips?

Me and a friend are slowly making our way through all of the buses trips and having a great time, however our biggest gripe is that should someone crash then the bush trip is ruined. For instance, some times it puts you back in the air, others in a random field and on an occasion today, in the sea, meaning we cannot continue the bush trip because he starts in the sea every time and of course immediately crashes!

I know the answer should be “don’t crash” but why doesn’t it just put you back in the air, or back to the airport?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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This might help. [Update - Workaroud Fix Xbox] Bush trip respawns me in dense forest or in water, unable to continue - #37 by SoupyMonk8136

Thank you, will give the active pause a try.

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