XBOX Series X - Crash On World Map

If you look in the download manager the core updates at the bottom will say the update will install on restart, then after a few minutes will change to up to date. About the same amount of time you’ll get chugging around the world map. Once in i have zero issues with add on planes, airports, ships,birds, trees, etc. I’ve even landed in areas completely surrounded by 3rd party stuff , in the water, and.flipped off pm(which is a huge option to turn off) and took right back off after all scenery reloaded and all was fine, in game performance was fine.

Whatever is happening in the first few minutes is doubtful any download you have has anything to do with it. Don’t go taking your game apart and reinstalling. Same with the strange silent Asobo splash, then you can hear the blackshark one, then no opening music.

Something in the startup sequence is broken. Likely in the auto update process. I highly doubt that cover art first spash screen is intentional either.

And AI traffic is either a bunch of planes or zero. That core update thing keeps coming back and ‘fixing’ itself. Go right into your manager and scroll down to the core at the bottom.

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I came off a 40NM about an hour ago. No sounds startup. The map locked up for about 3 sec instead of like 6, slightly faster. I was able to plot a few quick points on the map and start no problems but that silly download notification was still there. Hopefully it is self-correcting somewhat.

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Just had a flight out of Southend (EGMC) in C172, and yes map was abit hit/miss but got through to the flight. The download notification still there. Had a pleasant flight plane still getting buffed around, came round on finals, everything going to plan, touched down, cleared runway. BANG - CTD straight back to XBOX home screen.

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Its a total mess at present, the wind buffeting is ridiculous, I had 3 CTD’s today when before i have only had 3 in 5 months. ATC is worse now, GPS let me down once, the trim went crazy on releasing autopilot as well.

I’ve given up until there is a fix, just too much stress

Same here but on AP

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I just get a few seconds pause once on the world map. Once that has settled it’s been fine for me.

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Exactly the same here

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So far I have been lucky with no CTD on the world map. But, I do get a freeze up of several seconds when I try to choose an aircraft.

Once in game… CTD is more frequent now with SU9

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Going to lose a lot of customers if they don’t fix this quick


I don’t know if I’m lucky, but I haven’t had any issues. Xbox series S

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(XBOX Series X) Just had a flight in the C172 and yes the world map is still buggy I was able to get a flight, take off, and a quick flight and land, great no problems. OH dear spoke to soon, as soon as I landed and ATC tell me to exit runway when able. CRASH back to home page

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Do you have any add ons? Scenery wise?

Hi, I just got Wycombe Air Park (EGTB) and Blackbushe (EGLK). Just had another flight again did a complete circuit and coming into land and CTD. I tend to keep to UK.

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I’m not really sure. Once I saw that 3rd party scenery doesn’t play to well with the sim I decided to only buy aircraft.

If you uninstall one or both airports can you land without CTD

I believe the rolling cache is used for game loading while Flying. By that I mean it stores the information for mountains, terrain, water etc. I increased mine to 100g and the flying looks and loads better. With that being said, nothing has changed as far as the game crashing. Same issue as everyone else. Very frustrating.

Hi, Taken out Wycombe Air Park and all has been OK no CTD. Blackbushe left in.

Says Quote from old dev Q&A if true. As we have SSD guessing it may have more benefit though mine runs fine with it off. ‘All the rolling cache does is put world data into a FIFO cache on disk so that when flying over an area twice, the data isn’t streamed from the internet again. Each http request will first check the presence of the data on disk before reading it from the internet. Data is not changed in any way and is stored on disk in exactly the same format as it is received from the internet. In some situations, the HDD access may be slower than high speed internet access, but for the majority, the cache will reduce and / or prevent terrain streaming lag. In all cases, the rolling cache will reduce the internet data usage and free up bandwidth for other uses when users fly over the same area again. We recommend a rolling cache of at least 8Gb, 32Gb being enough for most use cases. In most cases the sim will stream world data at an average below 10Mbps. The rolling cache does not impact user experience when they fly over new areas however. We have not thoroughly tested the benefits of creating huge caches of hundreds or thousands of gigs but given how the system works, as the cache grows bigger and bigger, it’s benefits should fade out and it will take a lot of time to even fill up the cache.’


How many fly the same route over and over though?

I thought it might be pre-loading world data for the direction ahead of current travel so it was there ready for when you get there. Seems I was way off-base on that idea then. :slight_smile:

So if flying a new route each trip, it could actually be better with cache turned off as it would remove the need for the software to check the cache first - it would just download immediately?

Anyone know what sort area is covered by say a 16gb cache - if we do pattern work, would the whole area be stored locally after one circuit? If yes then the stutters seem not to be caused by internet lag

Interesting stuff

That’s interesting. On SU8 I had my cache at 32Gb and wasn’t having any of the issues I’m having on SU9. Now I am unable to change the cache to anything bigger than 16Gb. Any bigger and it says something like “this isn’t a numerical value”…

Can anybody please check this?

8Gb works as does 16Gb.