XBOX Series X - Crash On World Map

I’m sure this has been mentioned. As title says I’m on Series X and since last the update last night I can’t get passed the WORLD MAP and if I can and select an airport my controller locks up and comes completely in operable and the only way I can go is to close FS and to start again. This has even caused the XB to close FS. And still no mouse input, I can see pointer but thats it.


Same. Game is now completely unplayable for me. Great!

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i`m lucky i have to wait a few seconds for the globe to come into focus but it does. but had two flights get stuck on the load screen(both a first for me) and had more CTD in the last 24 hours that over SU8. XBX flyer

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I am having the same problem since this recent update. The sim starts freezing and stuttering on the main menu, but slowly I can input my flight into in the world map. However, every single time I hit the “fly” button, it crashes to the xbox menu. Every single time. I deleted the rolling cache, restarted the console, removed my only mod (NXI G1000) and ensured everything was up to date. It is completely unplayable for me.

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I have a workaround guys Xbox SU9 CTD from world map - #12 by JackMartin7440


Xbox series S unplayable after SU9!

Thank you for that. I gave it a try and I still have the crashes. I tried it with and without accepting the notifs. I hope it will work for some others.

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No problem it’s hit and miss but in the due process , I believe this definitely to be a culprit or part of the problem. We all may have similar machines but not similar mods and so forth . Best wishes

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Xbox Series S it’s unplayable at all, impossible to fly, load the fly and touch the options, the frames drops severely

I deleted everything off my Xbox series X and persevered with a new install. I only added the World updates and premium deluxe edition. It seems to be OK for me now. I have not touched any of the numerous Add ons that I bought off marketplace due to hearing them causing the issues. Until I get acknowledgement on them being compatible with sim update 9 I won’t bother.

It seems the mysterious wind buffering is associated with the “Piloting Assistance Options” turned on, combined with “Online Functionality” and “Bing Data World Graphics” turned on. The buffering is at its worst. So I only turned on “Auto Rudder”, “Auto Trim” and “Assisted Controller Sensitivity” and turned off “Online Functionality” and “Bing Data World Graphics”. Seems to greatly reduce the amount of buffering.

I have all live traffic/Ai traffic and weather (never use it anyway), wind, clouds, (I only use high level clouds), rolling cache all turned off. All other traffic is reduced to 50%

1 hour of general test flying with no “CTD”

It’s definitely been mentioned, only 1.4 million times in 24hrs :smiley:

It’s hugely frustrating, though a Moderater here has already responded that the devs are aware of the issue (1.4 million times aware)

Please could you provide a bit more info on this? Are you experiencing exactly the same problems we’re having with the X-series? ( crashes from world map and severe stutters in built up areas and on ground in airports?
I’ve been playing for two days. - deleted all add-ones and reinstalled one by one. So far the Carenado 170-b seems to encourage big stutters from cockpit and my vessels scenery packs also seem to be causing stutters too - is it just me or is the sim now trying to render objects at a greater range than before?
I’ve also tweaked my rolling cache - somewhere there is a recommendation that it should be set to 16 for Xbox. Either off or set to 16 seemed to make a difference but I’m still playing with this and I don’t understand why it should make any difference at all, not entirely certain how rolling cache works in MSFS.
These tweaks have all made the sim just about playable again in low density airports but it’s clear that there are some big issues with SU9 and Xbox. I moved to Xbox from PC in the hope (false obviously) that I wouldn’t have to spend as much time tinkering with settings after each update. The update cycle should be something that customers ( not just the devs) look forward to with anticipation. I’m afraid I have come to regard the update cycle with dread, wondering what will be broken this time. Clearly it shouldn’t be this way.

Nobody is!


In desperation I reinstalled the game also on my Xbox x and did not reinstall my addons,made zero difference for me still just as bad with mouse/ screen pausing 5-10 secs and disastrous stuttering especially panning in cockpit.I recommend for now don’t bother trying a reinstall.


Sorry my friend. Mine runs like a dream now. Sim update 9 is amazing.

are you on PC or XB?

Xbox. It was all over the place yesterday and today I haven’t had one CTD. I’m not getting that download icon in top right either.

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This is still with no add ons installed as you’ve stated above?
Are you now hearing the sound correctly at start up?

Yeah sounds there at start up too. No add ons installed. It’s clearly not the way to play this though.

It’s clearly bugged still just getting lock ups but haven’t had any ctd.

My advice is to wait it out until they find some hotfix.

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