Xbox Series x We still can't play it when it's past 8:00 a.m., even when we pay we have to wait: how come?

We still can’t play it when it’s past 8:00 a.m., even when we pay we have to wait: how come?

LOL even worse, it’s 2 in the afternoon in France where Asobo lives!!!

Depending on your time zone they are staggering the roll out.

Microsoft has opted to drop the title later on Tuesday, unlike many video game releases that unlock at midnight in your respective time zone. The new Microsoft Flight Simulator launches on Xbox at 3 p.m. UTC for all users, including those with a preorder via the Xbox store or an Xbox Game Pass subscription

Long story short, all good everywhere in 3 hours

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They do not stagger anything, every update has always been released world wide at 8am PDT on a Tuesday. This one will be no different. How long your server takes to pull that data and provide it to you is not down to Asobo or Microsoft.

Mod Edit: Are you French, ?
Frankly it’s a first it’s phew pre-orders serve no purpose

T’es français,?
Franchement c’est une première c’est ouf les précommandes servent à rien

We’re talking about XBox and the OP most likely has all the content downloaded thank you.

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Désolé pas français, Asobo l’est.

Malheureusement, nous devons attendre.

Closing this as there are a few topics surrounding this now and has been answered. The release is scheduled for 8:00 am PDT (1500Z) worldwide.

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Thank you.