Xbox specific threads

Where are the xbox specific threads section ?
Dropped the ball. Disappointing constantly opening up pc threads.
What a failure !

/snarkyon A failure like playing a flight simulator on a console?



See this message from one of the community managers

Thanks for the suggestions! We plan on only separating out potential bugs/issues with a tag #pc #xbox and will assess the need for any future categories more Xbox-related in a few weeks after we see how much of a need there is for it. The goal is to be one community.

source: Please Make a Completely Separate Forum for XBOX Users - #70 by SofaJockey

A couple of quick personal notes:

  • Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it is a failure
  • If you want to get useful answers out of people, including the Community Managers, and the Moderators, consider not acting like a spoiled brat. Funny I know, but you’d be surprised how helpful people are willing to be when you are polite.

Edit: Oh finally, if you think you have feedback that you think could improve the forums, feel free to create a topic using the tag #forum-feedback, give a clear explanation of what you want to achieve, how and why.

my feedback would be to have a separate section.
As far as personal stuff ; calling someone a "spoiled brat " is worse than pointing out an obvious omission from admin that knew there would be issues, with xbox launch. You have a separate hardware section for pc , so no excuses. Period.
Sorry about the “Failure” reference, but it definitely fits.

@BladedCello7391, I made an edit to your topic title to be more specific, as this helps others find the topic when searching for the same issue. No need to address topics to “Moderators ; Site administrators”. If you need our attention, feel free to shoot us a direct message using @modertors as the address. Thanks!

that’s fine. please try to get xbox flight simmers a separate section or sub section. There is going be a whole bunch of hardware related questions at the minimum.

You might find that the topic tag feature useful.

Topics created in Bugs and Issues have to have at least one tag, and by default, users are prompted to select #pc or #xbox. You can view all topics that belong to a tag, or you can filter it further by filtering topics in a category based on tags.

For more information, see this forum guide: Forum Tags & User Flairs.

So if you are looking for Xbox specific topics use the #xbox tag as your tag of choice.

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