Xbox update?

Was there an update on Xbox or something because now it seems my ATC is broken. Telling me expedite to an altitude I’m already at. Strange

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Yesterday i had a 1.9gb update,the only difference i see is the market place,a few more things added.I haven’t had any problems on series s.

Somewhere above 10k feet, did you reset your barometer for standard pressure?

Standard is above FL180

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I did yeah, I’m hearing there’s an issue with live weather perhaps . Annoying

Issue seems to be that ATC thinks you are a few hundred feet lower than you actually are, I wasn’t experiencing this the first 2 days, so they constantly tell you to expedite climb etc.
Have STD set at the appropriate level so it can’t be that. I’ve read elsewhere that there’s an issue with live weather temps so that might be something to do with it.
Any advice on workaround? Would taking live weather off fix it? Or perhaps I could turn ATC off altogether and just manage altitudes myself?

Welcome to MS2020 beta for XBox.


Yes turn off live weather as you’re climbing above 18000. Then turn it back on when you go below 18000. That’s how I do it at least until it’s fixed

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Had this issue recently at only 16000, I’m thinking about turning off ATC perhaps. Will take a bit more work making sure I’m managing descent properly into land but I would rather fly with live weather if possible. Is it even possible to turn off ATC? Or is it a case of just ignoring it

Go vfr. They wont call altitude

Just ignore ATC

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That’s what I probably will do to be honest . Shame

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It’s alright, it’s temporary they’ll get to it quickly. Hopefully early next week

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I was going to recommend using Rex Weather Force 2020 but I remembered you can’t get that on the XBox… at least yet

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Please refer to this thread.