Xbox user getting bored already 😂

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Gameplay? :roll_eyes: here we go.


Putting it as ‘Xbox users’ as if to put us all under the same boring umbrella labelling us all as that guy can stop :+1:t3: :slightly_smiling_face:


Metro is the pure trash


Im with you on this buddy

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A story from one “reader” does not speak for the Xbox community at large. An accurate thread title given the linked article would actually be “One Xbox user getting bored already”.

I’m sure that indeed many Xbox users will drop in, have a look around, get bored and move on. I’m equally sure that applies to a large number of gamepass users on PC too.

This forum needs to drop the Xbox nonsense ASAP in my opinion. It’s elitist, ignorant of the facts, and unhelpful for the community.

Edit - better title now. I would still suggest someone getting bored of a game is not exactly news though!


It’s published by the Metro. That says it all. Trash journalism if can even call Journalism. They literally report on anything and don’t even check the facts. I’d take it with a bag of salt!

I’d also hardly say its xbox users…


I’ve altered it for you :+1:

Don’t mention the XBOX!

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The author was so bored they stopped writing about the sim six paragraphs in, and went on a Sonic, and Zelda themed tangent. :joy:

What is metro?

It should be noted that this is all a bit of light hearted banter :+1::+1::+1:

I am not quite sure I understand the purpose of this thread.

Every community member here is, of course, free to post of their own experiences about MSFS. That is to be welcomed. Please see the Standard Operating Procedure for more information:

I suspect this may be a click-bait type thread that is not designed to add value to the community of those who enjoy flight simming.