Xbox users, Welcome Aboard!

Thank you and welcome aboard! We are beyond excited to see you being part of this amazing adventure. We are opening this thread for you if you’d like to share your firsts thoughts on Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox.

All information regarding the content of this new version are available here!

As part of each update, we usually create polls and open discussion for the community to gather feedback for the Team (Click here if you want to see PC feedback )

If you are new to simulation, feel free to visit the Student Pilots category. In there, you will find all information needed to get your hands on the yoke and take your firsts flights category !

Happy flying,

The Microsoft Flight Simulator Team.


Wondering why it’s downloading an additional 27.5 Gigs … I already pre installed 97 Gigs. Thought I’d be ready to go…


‘Day One’ patch seems fairly usual. It’ll replace a good chunk of the 97GB I expect.

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My game is at the join us for release screen. Is that something I can fix or is it just busy?

@MAC00711 Download the update

I have no update available. It has 97.2 GB
Updates 0 items
Saved data 16 GB

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Weird. What about rebooting the console? There should be a 27 GB update.

I am trying that now

Updating now
Thank you


peripherals, what works what doesnt?
do any legacy controls work?
i guess the logitech panels are a no go?
chances of these for the future?

I downloaded the 27GB update and am able to launch MSFS however I am stuck at the installation manager screen. “Checking for updates” and I can’t get past that. Waiting for 20 min already.

so… How do you navigate on xbox? I cannot select any option in the content manager… I had to connect a USB mouse to select anything. This should be possible using the controller only right?

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In one review, they said that since they were playing FS on the PC before, it synced their settings and they had to connect a keyboard and mouse and reset the controller settings to default. So if you were playing on the PC… you know what to do :smiley:

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I have the exact same thing

Yes!!! I am flying on Xbox X for the first time! With mouse and keyboard working and T.Flight Hotas One!!

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Hello again, the team is monitoring the launch. Some of you may experience some unexpected issues. Thank you for your patience, we are looking into it.


This solved it, i remember seeing the same video after i read tour comment. Now it seems i cant access the in sim marketplace

Hi , even though I pre installed a couple of days ago , my update is another 74 gigs . I thought it was 24 gigs …

This actually worked! Thanks for the help. A bit weird that setting the toggle cursor button didn’t work though…