Xbox users, Welcome Aboard!

Wow, thanks for letting me know yeah.

I got the xbox purely for flight sim, thinking it would be better than fs2004 on my old pc, on which I played over ten years ago! I’m sorry I didn’t keep that pc.

Im gonna try that top menu now for the vfr map before I decide whether or not to get a refund & sell my xbox

Not yet. As i have ms store in my region i am buying games from other regions with other currencies. So every buying/refunding is a los for me at currencie exchange rate. So i am googling about this issue yet

I mean… the Xbox version is a lot better than FS2004 in many ways, but if you want to use addons and do VATSIM and all that, the PC is obviously going to be the better platform.

You could also buy a cheap PC and just run FS2004 of course - any Pc from the past eight years with a GPU like the 970 or 1030 would run it just fine.

I’m having the same issue with my T. Flight HOTAS One. Also, the wrong buttons get assigned when I try to create a custom controller profile - the buttons seem to be mislabeled.

-It does not remember my sensitivity settings for extremity dead zone and responsiveness, despite the fact that I save my changes.

-I cannot activate the cursor with the flight stick and am stuck going back and forth with the flight stick and my controller.

-The sensitivity is way too high. I tried adjusting it, but cannot complete the training missions with an A rating: for example, I cannot hold the climb or descent for 20 seconds steady. The plane gyrates up and down with only the smallest hair movement on the stick. At the extremities, it cannot seem to determine where the stick is positioned and goes from full on to wherever it feels like and back again every time I move the stick even a little bit.

I tried like 20% dead zone to alleviate the gyrations. It sorta helps.

I’m quite frustrated at the moment with getting the HOTAS to work correctly with Flight Simulator. My Thrustmaster works fine with Star Wars Squadrons, Elite Dangerous, and Ace Combat 7. I was hoping it would just plug n play with this Series X Flight Simulator.

Yes, I am having the same issues. Also, cannot choose a custom profile from the quick select menu.

Hi @qor, these issues were reported… there’s some tips here about T. Flight HOTAS and workarounds… it seems the reporting in the settings is not accurate, you’ve got to try moving the control and activating the setting for it. I’m not the expert on this, there’s some tips here,

If you do that, you can’t fly… but it is possible !! Try the drone. Move it to the tower and look around.
In Camera settings, click Showcase.

Yes, and the only good jet seems to be Neo. Go Market Place, download the WT G1000 for free. It’s a masterpiece.

Not ingame. But if you use a PC (?) there is a freeware addon for it, working with SimConnect. Agree with you it actually should be in MSFS itself…

That’s not the entire issue I am having - I cannot select the custom profile in the quick menu (toolbar). It shows my T.Flight as the default controls, and the default profile is chosen, but when I try changing the default profile to my custom profile, nothing happens. Only the default is shown as being available. I just attempted mapping the cursor toggle to the trigger, F1, with the scan function, and it shows up as ‘A’ in the custom profile. I then saved my changes and can see my custom profile as being the one that is selected in the main control settings menu (not the quick toolbar menu). But in game, I pull the joystick trigger, F1, thinking I’ll get a cursor to pop up but I get nothing. Furthermore, I know that I have successfully overridden the previous control that was mapped to the trigger by default - that being the smart camera function, as it no longer works when i pull the trigger. So it seems that it successfully cleared the previous control but still will not allow me to toggle the cursor.

Also, I changed my sensitivity settings yesterday and saved them and it does not remember them today.

These settings are not stored on your PC (Console), they are in the cloud, on the server. Worst case, you lost the settings you did so far. Best case, your custom profile will suddenly pop up… on sunday or so… meanwhile play with other means. Go keyboard and mouse, for a few days ? Would that be an option ?

That’s not acceptable. My profile might just show up at some point? Unacceptable. The HOTAS is the only way I’m going to play Flight Simulator. I don’t have a mouse that works with the Series X, nor would I want to play a flight sim with a mouse. And the xbox controller isn’t fun. The HOTAS is the only way I’m going to play, especially after I invested in it. It works fine for the other three games on xbox that support it. I can’t activate the cursor with the HOTAS at the moment. It turns out that that cursor is vitally important to playing the game, so that’s a problem. I’m glad I didn’t buy the game and only downloaded it via game pass. It’s not worth paying for if the only response to the HOTAS not working properly is “oh well, try a different controller.”

I fly with keyboard only… use the mouse for menus and settings. What do you mean with “profile” ? You play on XBox, before you played on PC ? Where was this HOTAS profile made… you expect personal settings from other games to be imported in MSFS ? Have you tried put these settings ingame in MSFS ? If you go Settings, you have a lot of options to assign things… click above link, there’s a lot of info there…

The profile was made in Microsoft Flight Simulator on my series x. You press start, or “menu” and go to the settings. There you can, or should be able to, make a custom controller profile for the HOTAS. How hard is that to understand? You’re a MSFS user as well, correct? So you’ve seen the same menus I have.

It isn’t working is what I’m trying to say - The wrong buttons are assigned. The sensitivity does not get saved. I cannot choose the custom controller profile in the quick menu.

Dunno qor… but I have a KB profile named “first day 2” dating back to october or november last year, it was activated after SU5 without issue… But this is PC-world… I think I can’t help further, I don’t know why this does not work for you. Again: maybe it would work on sunday, when all the trouble with the servers is over. Your controller profile is stored in the cloud… when it can’t be downloaded… or there is a timeout, you won’t see it.

btw did you name and save your profile ? They are not stored to custom automatically.

After several days of installing, uninstalling, and rebooting, I don’t have a day 1 update available either. I purchased the premium deluxe version for the PC and was playing it there. I have the base game of 42.4 GB, version, and World - offline mode 59.7GB. I am unable to move beyond the menus. Discovery Flights, World Map, etc.

I haven’t yet tried a keyboard and mouse, mostly because this is an XBOX Series X and if I wanted to use those, I’d do it on the PC.


I’m so excited to finally have a flight sim on console so I can go back and practice for my future check rides!

I do have a couple questions as I’ve had some difficulty finding out ways to do it myself.

Is there a way to set hot keys for certain functions on my keyboard as I use Hotas One for my actual flight controls?

How do I activate revers thrusters on aircraft that have available function? I can only throttle down to zero and then have to use my mouse to swipe over to activate

Best way to set up drone camera for console using hotas and keyboard setup?

Thanks for the assist and please let me know if there is a better place to put these questions!

My thoughts are that HOTAS isn’t ment to be the only controller you use within msfs and I don’t think I’d be wrong to assume that the Pc crowd ISN’T ONLY using their Hotas for complete controll of the sim. Sure it controlls alot, and can be customised but why is it such a downer that you have to use a keyboard or mouse? Or even the standard xbox Controller at the same time? Sure for an arcade sim or a casual flight game it WORKS because there systems are simple in comparison.

I’ve been using a keyboard and mouse alongside the Hotas one on Xbox and it’s doing its job perfectly, minor issue with the binding of new commands, which can be worked around.

I hope those of you having issues and having second thoughts just take a deep breath and try to persist . I truly believe you will get it to work, and enjoy the sim for what it is, not for what it can’t do.

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After the first few hours of slow downloads and different server related issues I’m happy to say the game has been working flawlessly on my Series X. It runs well enough, it looks absolutely amazing and it really is a joy to fly, especially after trying to play on my inadequate laptop. Flight Simulator is one of the best games on Xbox this year for sure. There is work to do for sure, lots of small issues to fix and polish but I’m looking forward to the future of this wonderful sim.


I’d you are crashing a lot to the dashboard I might have a fix; turn off Live AI Traffic in your settings and play as normal… I crashed every 5 minutes before doing this and now the game doesn’t crash at all.


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Select ‘Options’
Select ‘Controller Options’
Select the device you want to bind the function to,
change the filter to ‘all’
Select the search tab and search for ‘reverse’

Now there are two reverse thrust options under ‘power management’ One for throttle and one for Propeller, both have a toggle and hold option.

Im not familiar with reverse thrusters so I couldn’t test it out to help you. But I’m sure ither of these functions would be what your after. They can be bound to ither a keyboard key press to toggle it or even the HOTAS, remember you can Hold a key when u bind and press another simultaneously to create combinations too. Hope it works out for ya.