XBOX version - positive thread

Hi gang, first time poster here - great to be part of this group.

Appreciate there is some apprehension and mixed views about the impact (or even desireablity) of a console port, so I hope it’s OK to create a thread where those of us (hoping there are others on here!?) who are looking forward to it can share news, comments and general excitement about the forthcoming XBOX Series X/S version of flight sim.

With E3 (the big industry video games showcase) coming up in early June, it seems likely that we’ll be getting more news about a release date very soon. I’ve also been very encouraged by the developer comments about how well the port is shaping up.

As someone who has a PC that really struggles to run the sim, but who is also a keen gamer and lucky owner of an XBOX Series X, I’m really looking forward to this port (it was in fact the decisive factor for me in choosing an XBOX over a PS5) and am really pleased that ASOBO / MS are opening up flight-simming to a wider audience by releasing it on a console.

Is anyone else looking forward to or feeling positive about the release on console?


I don’t have a XBOX but I think its a good thing to make flight simming possible for console players. I’m looking forward to hear about reviews of experiences with this version of the game. Absolutely no need for negativity like others about this topic. I think it’s great, even for PC only players (simmers), because a larger audience and optimization reasons.

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I am in the same boat. My pc struggles and with the cost of a serious pc, the Xbox was an easier sell to my wife. Happy wife happy life.

I am looking forward to it. I check insiders hub every morning while I sip coffee to see if there is a beta.

Positivity folks.


i think it is not binary and there is some positive and some negative aspects. Positive, a large audience, a better rentability and so a longer life to the product. Negative, even if they say not, it is a fact than the product have support several degradations since the release and it is probably to be linked with the xbox version that must not seem to be under in quality.
But without xbox version in sight, MS would propably never done this product, so, it is globally positive.


I am really looking forward to:
1- Dx12 coming with the Xbox release, this should improve performance.
2- New users experiencing flight through their consoles, since peripherals will be compatible.
3- Potential performance improvements we have not yet received because they are waiting for the simultaneous release. (I doubt they will release an xbox version where you get 10 fps over new york).

Overall, I take the release as very positive for the sim as a whole.


Unsubstantiated claim is unsubstantiated. There is no evidence to suggest that creating an XBOX version (which is a completely different version of the game because it’s coded for DX12) has anything to do with performance issues on your system.

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I didn’t talk about evidence of a link. i talked about evidence of a degradation since 1st release and probably a link (and no, both version will share the same code for what they said about it). And i didn’t speak about performance but quality.
my system ? My i9 10850k 32Go RTX3070 works very well and has no performance issue, thank you Stay positive :smiley:

I think a Xbox release will be a benifit to the community, and will open up new possibilities going forward, I may get the X myself in time

Didn’t take long before pc specs came into the discussion :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Can’t wait to upgrade my XBOX as the visuals and demands of this sim improves in the coming years!

Yes, and there is chances hardware minimum requirement raise in the coming years. But performance are already very good compare to its predecessor and what is displayed (but i hope they will implementing DLSS on PC, it does so much for performance and visual quality).

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As well as absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, is’nt it?

But I am optimistic that the limitations of the xbox hardware forced the dev’s to some more oldschool oriented coding, away from the high-language resources waste back to the efficiency of the good old assembler days.

@Nirgal2776 As said, DLSS is not an microsoft/DX12 thing, it’s an proprietary technology from Nvidia. And for the fact, that xbox is not Nvidia based our chances for dLSS are very small. What we can expect is an similiar platform independent (crossing fingers) technology based on DX12.

Im very glad that msfs is released on Xbox, my pc handles it very good, but i will buy and install on my Series S if thats compatible. msfs on Xbox is a good thing.

isn’t the purpose of DirectML ?

Great to see that there are others who are positive - excited, even! - for the Xbox version.

It’s really encouraging that the Xbox Series X/S build shown in the announcement trailer in December already looked great, as presumably it has undergone even more optimization since then. (here is a link to the trailer for those who missed it: Microsoft Flight Simulator - Xbox Series X|S Announce Trailer - YouTube). I’m optimistic that we will get a proper deep-dive look at the Xbox version in a couple of weeks, around the time of E3.

I’ve already got my Xbox-compatible T.Flight Hotas One all ready to go. Can’t wait!

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Don’t let people on this forum bring you down, a lot people, both consumers and devs, are excited about the Xbox version.

Just look at the socials and streams, people keep asking about it.


Same here, I wish I could run it 4k because my main monitor is a 55” tv, but sadly I can’t. So I’ll wait for the console version and see how it will handle graphics and minor mods like liveries (we all know the main ones will be pushed to the in-sim store). Depending how it goes I’ll sell my laptop and get a xsx.

I wouldn’t put too much trust in socials and streams, too many astroturfers nowadays.

I’m happy to wholeheartedly support the Xbox port and its customer base as long as they don’t harm the PC version.


Constructive criticism doesn’t bring anyone down, it does things better (said the console fanboy who owns more than a dozen consoles from the PCEngine to the PS4pro (beside some xbox) and still prefers to play msfs on the PC :wink:).

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Absolutely looking forward to the Xbox release. This one title is the sole reason I went for xbox over playstation this generation.
I too have my Hotas One ready and mounted to what I’ve begun calling the “Chairoplane”.:grinning: I have recently added a keyboard mount and mouse pad too, so am all set.

I am an oldy timey PC simmer, but frankly couldn’t afford the outlay for a decent gaming PC, so xbox is a godsend - I literally would not be able to access it otherwise.

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