Xbox: Xbox controller in Cursor Mode controlling the aircraft?

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This is my first post here, please excuse the newbie vibes. Apologies if this issue has been addressed already.

When playing on Xbox Series X via GamePass Ultimate, I’ve come across a peculiar issue when using a standard Xbox Series controller.

In mid-flight, with auto pilot engaged, I go into cockpit view and press LS to activate cursor mode so that I can use LS to look around the cockpit and manipulate the instruments and controls. When I move the LS while in cursor mode it’s as if I’m still in “control” mode and as soon as I touch the LS, the aircraft responds accordingly (dive, climb, bank, etc.).

If I exit cursor mode by pressing LS I can control the aircraft as necessary with the LS; I enter back into cursor mode, move the LS and the aircraft again responds accordingly.

This only started recently if I recall correctly, I’m running the most current version of MSFS2020 available on Xbox. I’m not using Developer Mode.

I haven’t started any specific troubleshooting yet, but will try swapping the Xbox controller for a different controller, resetting my Xbox controller profile back to "Default"in MSFS, and deleting the MSFS 2020 data from my Xbox profile. Not sure what else to try and Google searches don’t provide much help.

Hoping someone else here may have seem this and figured out how to fix the problem.


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having the same issue.

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Yes I get this as well and I figured out a workaround on my own, annoying at first maybe but quickly becomes normal. Have you noticed close to the edge on the top of your screen there appears to be a white chevron/arrow type line that shows up? This is the key. You see it pop up when clicking out of cursor mode and it stays after the toolbar thing fades away. Happens to me anyway. A couple clicks should have it stay maybe, you then go into cockpit view and instead of using the left stick, you use the right stick instead as the pointer. You’ll notice that the outer ring of the pointer has faded but has left the reticule-like dot, this is good and still works on the intrumentation as normal.

You’ll notice that the reticule stays dead center of the screen and your view becomes just like that on PC. It’s like your head moves about freely and you put that dot on whatever you want to interact with and press A and B for cancel just like normal. I hope I explained everything well enough.


Happening to me to its very annoying I never used to notice it untill I stopped having the copilot control my plane while in cursor mode - might have to go back to that for a while and then correct course because the copilot always likes to fly somewhere else other than intended lol

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This is why i’d recommend to a newcomer that they get up to scratch with the Autopilot systems and away from AI control asap. Lessons learned very quickly and i’ve only got just 200hrs up myself. AI flys way to close to mountains, buildings etc. for my comfort levels. This topic issue I notice doesn’t happen in chase (external view) though :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

Yeah it’s annoying because I fly all manual and enjoy it that way hence why I havnt even bothered to learn the autopilot stuff but I might have to so then I can engage AP play with dash elements and then resume manual - I fly all manual no assists from take off to landing on the Xbox and really enjoy it - but the darn cursor is meant to cease all aircraft control while in use apparently not anymore lol


Trust me, even with the AP on, any left stick movement actually overrides it (which is a great thing of course if you need to pull up in an emergency) thus still causing roll and pitch movements anyway while in cursor mode. The left stick overrides all i’m afraid. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t this way before WU5, I played a few days in row for the first time just before the update went live but I seriously can’t remember this problem existing then :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


To be honest I’ve been on Xbox so I’ve been playing since WU5 and it used to work fine there was like a small sized update the other day on the Xbox to the base game and that must’ve been some HotFix or something and since then it’s been crazy - like for instance when I load into a flight already Airbourne my plane controls itself untill I literally yank it into a dive or some other drastic life threatening manouvers and it has over control to me it’s just odd some of the things really


I’ve just got this too - I was in cursor mode and the plane just kept veering the way I was pointing left/right. Not when I was in external view however (not that you really need cursor in external view!)

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Same issue, very annoying…

Hello, I’m a newbie here too. I used to play xplane 11 and could pretty much fly airliners about ok.
I migrated to a series x recently. The thing that is driving me bananas is I don’t seem to be able to view the insides of the cockpit using a mouse, controller or a hotas without the camera auto panning to forward as I right click the mouse and drag the ‘view’ to look in a certain place in the cockpit. This doesn’t happen in external view.
Am I doing something really stupid or is there a set of controls I can adjust to stop this behaviour. It seems to me to be fundamental that your view should stay where you put it - if that makes sense!

It happens to me too. I like to use the cursor mode to load on the nav system the approaches and procedures of the airport I am planning to land, but the fact that pointing to the instrument with the left stick keeps controlling the plane even though in cursor mode, made the plane disengage from the autopilot (as it should if I was really moving the yoke, but in cursor mode the yoke shouldn’t be moving in the first place). That leaves me with the option of pointing to the buttons with the right stick, but moving the camera to the centre of the button is a game in itself, or using the cursor mode in the wide view, where this bug doesn’t occur. But this view doesn’t allow to see clearly enough the panel of the nav system. I love flying especially for the navigational aspects, and this bug really keepsall that out of reach for me.

This is happening to me as well on series s.

Issue is still happening at this point in May 2022. Yikes. How embarrassing.

The same issue on my Xbox Series X. Also, as of my last flight and currently, the cursor mode is stuck and I cannot exit that mode to control the aircraft. I didn’t see any fixes reported in the topic discussion so will try uninstalling and doing a fresh install.

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Randy I can’t really make your workaround work.

What does work for me is to stay in the full up hat view mode to manually move around the cockpit. Where you can go up down left right etc. The problem doesn’t happen in this mode. It happens in all of the down hat cockpit modes. Ie the ones where you can jump around quickly between fixed locations. In those views you cannot zoom in and out or manually move your camera view around. If you stay in the manual mode, you can move the cursor around without affecting the aircraft controls.

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Same issue here… plus a few times where i get stuck in cursor mode and can’t return to normal flying.

Anyone knows how to fix this issue, everytime im going to input the computer it moves the airplane and makes my life terrible!

No fix as far as I know. The best you can do is stay out of the “instrument views” and slew the camera to look at the FMC and input data.

Fixed in Update 10!