Xcub custom variants

I just released the latest update to my XCub Performance MOD. I’ve had to dig through all sorts of documentation to try and get as accurate a representation as I can. It comes in a 180HP and 215HP variant which falls in line with CubCrafters real world offerings. Thanks to those of you who have offered feedback and suggestions on improvement. You can grab it from www.bushleaguelegends.com

Also don’t forget to grab the G3X MOD from the working title group and the cruise performance chart from the downloads as well.

Have an awesome weekend!

UPDATE: January 5, 2021 - I’ve just release two variants out of beta. V1.0 of the XCub Tundra and XCub Tundra-Cargo. There are likely more tweaks and of course more releases coming soon. Floats are in your future!


Thank You! Very Much Appreciated!!!

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Is there somewhere Big Tundra Wheels mod available for XCub ? can’t find anything related, it would be nice to have bigger tundra bush wheels installed.

I would love to have it available. However it requires the model to be imported, modified and then the animations rebuilt and then exported. I’m not aware of anyone who has been successful yet.

I’ve had the model complete for some time… But can’t seem to get it exported correctly. Not sure if it is a limitation of the blender exporter or not.


Many thanks for all of the work that you guys are putting into the XCub. For me the best aircraft on the sim. :+1:t2:, great performance MODs and awesome liveries.

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Be advised that with Update 6 (patch all the cockpit labels have turned white.

Could you let me know exactly where the white labels you are seeing show up? This is my current view with the 215HP MOD installed.

This is what I’m getting:

I’ll try an reinstall everything tomorrow.
I had emptied my community folder before patching and then moved everything back in, but it doesn’t seem to have worked out this time… :thinking:

I couldn’t resist and reinstalled everything, both the X-CUB Performance mod and the Working Title GX, and everything is back to normal now.

Funny, as I said I had moved everything out of my community folder before patching and then back in after, but maybe the sim needs a clean run with no mods before copying everything back in.

Anyway all is good, sorry for the false alarm.

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Definitely try to reinstall the GX and Performance mod. Also maybe try a different livery… Some liveries have custom cockpit textures and will override the ones included in the mod.

I tried this Xcub mod last night for the first time. Unfortunately my machine takes a performance hit running the mod, bad stuttering. The original Xcub runs very smooth on my machine. Ryzen 7 3700x with 2070 Super, 32 GB and SSD. Anyone else with this issue, or is it just me?

I have a 4 year old computer with early gen i7 running a 980ti and it’s as smooth as silk, unless I’m in a highly congested area such as LA or San Diego, CA… and I’m running on High Setting with some elevated settings as well.

The mod is basically just changing performance numbers. It doesn’t affect the in game graphic performance at all. I wonder if there is another mod that is conflicting somehow? Be sure to also have the most recent dev3 version of the g3x as well.

I do have the latest WT G3X. One difference I noticed is that with the Bush League XCub, the parking brake is recognized on the G3X. On the original XCub, the parking brake is not recognized by the WT G3X. Because of this, doesn’t it seem like the mod is doing more than just changing the performance numbers?

I can try removing my other mods to see if this makes a difference. Thanks.

The g3x enables me to assign new annunciators. It’s not modifying anything. Just reading and displaying various simulator data. The g3x on the other hand has some programming modification. The working title team has been slowing improving the functionality. You could try and remove the g3x mod and see if the xcub runs any better. It will be missing some display information but the performance mod will still work

Thanks for your help. I haven’t had a lot of time to test, but I downloaded the 180hp version 1.7.9 and it seems to be working great. Tonight I will try the 215hp version again. I did remove the uwa lighting mod for the XCub, maybe that had something to do with my stuttering. I saw that you were using your own lighting mods so perhaps this was conflicting, or maybe it was just something else on my machine. Sometimes my machine seems to run better than other times and I’m not sure why yet.

Anyway, great job guys, I want to start trying some of your airports as well. Speaking of the airports, is there any easy way to tell which are fictitious and which are real?

Glad you’re enjoying it. Yes the uwa mod conflicts with our lighting. That would be the likely culprit. As for airstrips… Typically in the description it will mention if it’s fictitious.

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I just wanna say thanks for this great mod. You’ve done a great job! Experiencing the capabilities of the XCUB is so much fun and I enjoy this plane a lot now.

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Super duper job!

Loving it so far.

Has anyone noticing a difference in the PFD speedtape overspeed vs the standby? I do have the Garmin mod installed.


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