XPlane has Nothing to worry about

I was feeling sorry for the xplane guys but Microsoft has a lot of work to do to catch up.

But after reading all the trash talk I wish I had never started this thread. Republicans vs Democrats are more civil.


I agree. I have a lot of issues with the flight characteristics of the prop planes as well as the Camera views. For example, when you switch from one view to another the planes take a nose dive or a steep climb. The only way to fix it is to change the view back into the cockpit.
I like the geography and it’s accuracy, that is very good. But when it comes to realistic flying it currently feels more like a game and nothing like Xplane 11…


Uninstalled X-Plane 11.50 a few days ago, not a patch on this for VFR light aircraft flights.
X-Plane has better large jets for now, but that wont last long, sorry but X-plane is yesterdays news… :frowning:
Sad but true


Austin is not sleeping … wait for X-plane 12
I will keep it


Well only time will tell, until then it FS2020 for me all the way :grin:


Do you people get paid by the game devs of one or other side? because, as far as I can tell, graphically, this game is gorgeous and xplane has squat to counter that.
But the thing is pretty clear: Right now, three days after release, if I want realism and an experience with fully simulated planes, I’ll go to xplane.
If I want VFR, Ill come to MSFS2020…
Right now, I’m playing with the default a320, waiting for the day they release a better one by a third party developer.
I’ll be happy to give them my money and then, there will be little to no reason to use Xplane…


If you honestly believe that, then the more power to you… I see it as the other way around 10 fold.


No it isn´t, what about quite basic principles of IFR, such as LVO and RVR? Totally missing, I can´t even change the visibility setting.


You need to adjust the sensitivity curves and dead zones for your yoke/flight stick, rudder pedals, throttle, etc. I found that -30% to -40% sensitivity and 5% dead zone is great for my yoke and -45% and 6% dead zone is great for my rudder pedal. Brakes I left the sensitivity as-is but added a 6% dead zone.


The graphics are fabulous. But try setting up a complex RNAV approach or back course ILS on the C172 Garmin 530 (GPS) while tracking a separate vor on the 430 (vloc) . I can’t seem to “unlock” the two of them. And the save flight feature doesn’t save weather or location very well.

I’m sure Microsoft will get this all under control (remember windows 95?) but it is going to take them awhile.


Right now, as it stands, XP does have the 3rd party aircraft, but that wont last long, there are a few things as far as the main jetliners go that isn’t working yet, and THAT, is silly, you should NEVER release a full product with something as SIMPLE as an Autopilot not working properl, for a bloody FLIGHT SIMULATOR… a few other things here and there that are very minor… but as far as the REST goes, FS2020 is SO FAR BEYOND superior in just about almost every other way then XP, there is just simply no comparrison and things are only going to get worse for XP. Once third party aircraft get ported and done for FS2020 there wont be any real reason to stick with XP11. Flying is an extremely VISUAL experience, no matter what you are doing, wither its flying at night, just looking at the gauges for a full simulator flight or just flying sight seeing, FS2020 is so far beyond every simulator out there for visuals, its the better experience, the more immersive experience is absolutely right here in FS2020 right now and I really do wish nothing but the best for XP12 whenever that comes, we NEED competition to keep the products of higher quality.

Needless to say though, MSFS2020 does a heck of a much better job with its multiplayer then anything else out there, there are no desync issues, what 1 person sees, everyone else in the entire group also sees, including changing of weather in real time, there is no other sim that does that, the netcode for FS2020 is leaps and bounds beyond what XP currently still is…

There are many people out there that will absoloutely enjoy XP more and thats okay too, XP is an incredible sim itself and if it wasn’t for FS2020, it would still be the best flight simulator you could buy in my opinion… It will be interesting to see if XP does partner up with Google Maps for XP12 or something…

But I am surprised FS2020 is only a DX11 game… it should have never been that, not in todays gaming industry when DX12 is nearly 10 years old at this point and with a high CPU demanding game as well.


LOL, no! They are basically history. They just don’t know it right now.
I uninstalled XP weeks before the release! There’s no reason to keep using that inferior ■■■■.


The XP crowd sometimes reminds me of a bunch of sailors shipwrecked on an iceberg watching it melt. To pass the time, they curse the others who made it to the rescue ship and are just bitter they didnt tough it out with them


I get the emotions on both sides of the discussion. WRT camera views affecting flight characteristics, this is pretty commonly cause by the basic flight controls being bound to multiple controller inputs. I fly with 5-6 controllers (several of which were “blank” with no bindings), and I created several cross control input conditions that i had to hunt down and kill. Without knowing the specifics of your controller setup I won’t pretend to comment authoritatively. But I do know that a controller setup without cross linked inputs won’t affect flight characteristics when changing Views.


Thanks I will give it a try

Hah, very funny. You almost had me there. XD


I’ve pretty much got the primary control sensitivity where I want it but the trim, especially aleron trim is really squirly. I’ve tried setting up keyboard control for it as well as joystick control but it seems that all is well for awhile and then the thing just jumps right or left out of nowhere. This makes finessing an ILS approach somewhat deadly.

Hello all,

I don’t see any problem fly IFR also with FS2020, I’m GA pilot and stoped fly liners some years ago. I must say that with TBM or DA62 is possible fly IFR and also selected DEP/ARR/APP without problems and also with that G1000/3000 functionality as is now. Yes, that Gs can be updated to more functionality and maybe FPL planning can be updated to not have bugs as have now but I’m satisified now.


OP is right

Xplane after years of development and if you are willing to spend hundreds of pounds improving it has nothing to worry about on this just released game that blows it out of the water in many ways already as a vanilla product :slight_smile:


I tend to agree. I just tried to search for Malaga Airport (LEMG) and only to find that it doesn’t exist in Flight Simulator 2020! What? Shock! Horror! I feel a bit cheated by Asobo studios and thought that they could have done much, much better! Now I look back on it, it isn’t worth £109.99 for the Premium Deluxe version at all! Even Microsoft Flight Simulator X was a lot less to pay for when that came out and had nearly every airport on the earth built into it! I also noticed “built in scenery” in certain parts of the globe instead of the promised satellite magery! What’s going on?