XPlane has Nothing to worry about

The point you are missing is that i am flying with MSFS too. As many others, you seem to be offended as soon as we like another sim and are not entirely commited to MSFS. That shows the degree of maturity here. And i have been a simmer since 33 years. I can tell you that i never ever saw a most toxic and immature community than here. Not in the FSX-community, not in the P3D-community and not in the XP-community when talking about other sims.

And why are you talking about the marketplace? I don’t find the idea bad but was dispapointed to see that the addons i wanted to purchase weren’t available there and that there were only a few available. What is the sense of it if i still have to purchase the most outside that marketplace? But anyway, i won’t purchase any addon for now and will wait for the sim to become better.

You really seem to be very annoyed by people still flying XP…perhaps you should take a look at some of the most successfull Twitch-streamers like Cheewy94 or Blackbox who have used P3D and XP in the past days much more, although they own MSFS. They must do something wrong, no? Or why do they still use such an outdated and horrible simulator with such bad graphics?

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Great review. For one a balanced and measured opinion. Agree with all this although I don’t fly airliners so will take your word on that (and many others of course). I do think you are being a tiny bit harsh on the sunsets and sunrises getting old, although I kind of know what you mean. I think it’s because you can just change the time and repeat them so easily. If you couldn’t change the time they would be more unique and precious. Still, every so often you do get a real"wow" moment.

It never rains but it pours. Why be happy when you can be sad?

You forgot Android & iOS users …

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My problem with sunsets and sunrises is that IRL they are sometimes unremarkable, I haven’t seen a forgettable sunset yet in MSFS, all of them are absolutely stunning. I would like those magical sunsets to be as frequent as they are IRL.
Note: I’m not a RL pilot but I do have a background in atmospheric optics :slight_smile:

I should know better, but I can’t help myself.

Much of which (like this thread) is pointless if people don’t raise the issues with ZenDesk or put what they want changed into the bug/wishlist posts and gather votes. Nothing will change otherwise, and these threads, whilst addictive(!) don’t exactly further the debate. I know, I’m just adding to the problem.

The water is typically beautiful whether in one of the “special” areas or not. There are some parts where the water colour is lacklustre and drab, and there are issues in some parts with hills in the water, but I could show you countless screenshots where, in my opinion, the water is better rendered than in any video game I;ve ever seen - and I include Assassins Creed Black Flag in that, well known to have the best water rendering of all time

The poster you are replying to wasn’t talking about live weather, which is a known issue and is due to be fixed, at least to some extent. However, the weather that you can set (or live when you first run the sim) is unbelievable and makes xp looks like it is coal fired

Again, not true at all. See my post here with hundreds of high fidelity screen shots (where the Forum doens’t crunch them down too much)

That’s a joke right??

Quite amazing that Asobo failed to invent the time machine in order to use DX12 that hadn’t been invented when they started on this project. Very poor form.

tl;dr keeping restating myths doesn’t make them true


Presumptuous and wrong

Presumptuous and wrong

Irrelevant to the topic (i.e. thread title) and does not make any of your opinions right. Furthermore, I place more importance on the opinions of the millions of newcomers. kids and Xboxers because it is their satisfaction that will IMO ensure the long-term improvement and success of FS2020.

I can agree that bootl++king goes down well at other forums and that you have been granted much freedom of free speech on this forum by this forum admin.

Because it’s extremely relevant of the topic.

Please, work out any disappointment or dissatisfaction you may have yourself. If you have been a simmer for 33 years, you must have purchased many upgrades (because the previous version was cr**p) and should therefore be able to cope with such disappointment

Good. Don’t let other people make decisions for you.

Presumptions and wrong

No thank you, not necessary. Furthermore, such streamers are a minority user segment for FS2020 and therefore irrelevant for ‘complainer action’ and future sales revenue and the long-term success of FS2020 (and dividends from my MS shares). Your and their their complaints will not give me DirectX12.

Don’t know. Ask them yourself if you are interested. Perhaps, they have spent to much money on addons (and made the mistake of calling it an investment) and now cannot be mature enough to accept their mistake and move on with the times.

Try giving up and moving on.
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What an interesting thread that never ends fighting over what sim is better. Why the need for this in the Aviation community? Aren’t we all here for a reason and share something in common?
At the end of the day regardless of what we use we are flying make belief planes whether that being XP11/P3D or MFS2020.


Yaaawwwwnnnnnn…This topic is getting old.


It is what it is…no one can deny. MSFS ist a great looking Sim ( in future) for low level flights so far. X-Plane is the more Airliner and complex Sm (so far :slight_smile: i like both, visuals in MSFS and Zibos 737 with all the complexity and real feeling. greets Martin.

Hi MarkyMalarkie
Which topic? Or do you mean the thread is getting long without being closed by forum admin - as it would have been long ago on any other sim forum? Is that not good and shows that we have a great forum? Does not hurt anyone, could be informative, enlightening and above all amusing (especially if you have studied psychology or have marketing experience) and does not incur any significant costs. Reading these posts is also not mandatory.

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2 beer to much, but i like both …XP for the one reason and MSFS for great looking an the future. I hope XP12 will be on the same level of MSFS ( visual) and MSFS on the same level of XP with the complexity. :slight_smile:

,but is addictive somehow. I think I need to go to FA (Forums Anonymous)


Do you mean ‘Forum Amusement Anonymous’? :grin:
Back on topic - do you know anyone with business / marketing knowledge and experience who could contribute to this thread?

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Not really. How will that help this tired old thread?

The Topic is : XPlane has Nothing to worry about. :slight_smile:Sorry guys, this is off topic in my mind. :frowning:

But for my last reply here: there an reasons for XP an for MSFS as i wrote. Has nobody the same emotions for the two Sims? :slight_smile:

Which of the 800 odd posts out of the 820 that are off topic are you referring to?

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800 of them


Yea. I would like to know that too. I still have a problem with how a piece of software can worry - or get a death threat (tip: RIP X-plane). :smile:
I thought the topic was about how Laminar Research could survive, i.e. get sales revenues, finance further developments of XP , for example, so that it could perhaps be competition for FS2020 even though that IMO would not be necessary.

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