Yoke button to acknowledge ATC

Having to reach up with the mouse to acknowledge ATC instructions is a pain. Is there a way to assign “acknowledge” to a yoke button?

Just press “1” (not the numpad 1) - To yoke button idk.

Use fsuipc 7nto assign 1 to a button

Just assign a button on your yoke to handle this.
Further, I don’t see why Asobo can’t add an option to the menus to make the ATC menu ‘auto display’
when voice traffic occurs. Just like in P3d.


Make it a wishlist item :slight_smile:


Or even simpler - re-map the ATC/radio interface screen to FSX standard key, which is the ~ button. From there, it’s a simple right-right-right using your pointer finger to get to the canned response choices. One hand remains on the yoke/stick.

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Good idea. And done!

Joy to Key Software free (find with google)
Greetings: Manfred

I assigned button 2 on my yoke to ATC Panel Choice 1. It seems to work.


Yep as suggested, going to assign a button on the new Grip when it arrives. Can still click on the menu choice now, but as reported, it’s sort of becoming a pain. I just have not figured out which button to assign to it yet. I want to learn new grip before I make mistakes and mess up the defaults, etc. Current JS does not have any left to use on that.

Would be nice if you could cycle through the atc instead of having to press number buttons for your selection. That way you could use a modifier in your yoke config and use the hat switch to cycle through and select your response.

Yes. I have a Saitek yoke programmed [in mode one] to do exactly that. Does away with the pesky,
immersion breaking keyboard altogether.


I voted, I want to start using ATC (respond) but I can never find the controls. I fly several different aircraft.

Nice idea ! It would be possible to make an addon for that ?

There’s actually another Wishlist topic for that: