Yosemite Half Dome floating after Sim Update 5


anyone else got this problem?
No-Adds, no mesh. Still USA Update.

I have the same issue on Xbox Series X - Half Dome is “Flying” over the top.

Came here to report it as well. It sucks I can’t ever fly to Yosemite without half done looking all jacked.

Same here with Edinburgh Castle…

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Same here! Picture taken from the other side, coming from “Clouds Rest” and somewhat closer.

is still the same issue after hotfix 2 (but ok, the hotfix was for other things)

Same problem here.

I just filed a ticket to Zendesk.

Request #117510 Floating Poi’s

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yep, same here :confused:

Same here with Edinburgh castle and Half Dome

Same to the piramid

Bump. Yes, I also see Half Dome floating. Really dumb how they give you a bush trip to fly where the climax of the sightseeing trip is Half Dome, and it’s the worst looking thing along the whole trip.

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This is still happening for me. Have they really done nothing about it in all this time?

Correct, they have really done nothing about it. :slight_smile:

Edinburgh Castle is broken too now for weeks, really annoying :roll_eyes:

For that, there is a patch

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lovely to see users cleaning up after Asobo messes up again and again… AND AGAIN, so exited for SU6… NOT
don’t get me started on EGPH, which is basically gone or on the tree cluttered “custom” airports that came with WU6, so Asobo and/or affiliates made a custom airport, looked at it before and after, after there are trees right in front of the runnway and then they went like… "looks nice has nothing to do with the real one, nor can anyone correctly land there anymore but we’ll keep it. NICE

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Oktober 2021: Halfdome still hanging in the air…

October 3rd 2021,

Halfdome is still defying gravity…

Halfdome seems to be fixed, as well as edinburgh castle.

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