You wanted a Flight SIM and got the World

If you are really into a world simulator try Google Earth VR, the immersion of being there is unmatched. This is the planet on your fingertips.


Very proud dad here, thank you sir.

Gorgeous pics! If you remember those locations, could you annotate those in your original post?

Clearly I need to watch this tuning video few more times to get more juice out of my PC How to get better performance in Flight Simulator 2020 - YouTube

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Goodness happens the more share what we love, hate, and want improved in the game. Thanks all.

Thanks for sharing. Great read and valuable industry insight!

That’s what I love the most about MSFS 2020. Grand ideas like this just don’t seem like science fiction anymore.

Doc Brown, said it best in fact: “Roads? Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads.”


There are small bugs here and there, but defining it as “not working” is the typical forum whiner’s hyperbole that deprives your argument of any validity whatsoever.

The system is objectively functional.


Simply put as you state. It’s only an arcade game at this point in development.

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“Arcade” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

This is more a simulation than any other commercial flight simulator released before out of the box.

The fact that some abuse the word “arcade” to make obviously false claims is seriously funny.

This is what “arcade” means.

The funny thing is that some people around here seriously don’t understand how bad they make the flight simulation community look by piling onto threads opened by people looking to celebrate their and their family’s experience with the sim, polluting them with ridiculous and hyperbolic negativity. Seriously, get a grip.

I’ve been enjoying flight sims since the times of the Sinclair Spectrum, but’d I’d more happily fly 1,000 times with someone who never took a stick in their hand than with any of you self-fashioned veterans who actually have zero idea on how flight simulators release and evolve over time.


Done! - you can follow my round the world trip here too (with more pics):

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Why is this STILL a point people bring up? Yeah, wow, it’s only default planes, who would’ve thought that you don’t get the full simulation depth at launch. My god, some people here are insufferable. I hope all those haters come back when the first 3rd party planes launch and the navigation is updated to the point where true IFR is possible. Something tells me they will have silently disappeared by then. Well, maybe some extreme haters will still be here telling us not to forget how the sim was at launch, just to stop anybody from enjoying the sim.


Has anyone else seen this, and if so where? I’m getting conflicting reports on the forums, but would love to check it out if it’s in the game. Or is the OP just looking at the sim’s default clouds?

Exactly what I did too. It’s just great. There is a whole world to explore and all that people do is complaining about the bad VNAV capabilities of default aircraft. I fly the Katana and C152 almost exclusively as I know them from RW and find them pretty good. Not perfect, but very well done for a 1$ airplane. I enjoy the great flight dynamics engine, the spot on weather here in southernly Europe (I mean I can check for rain or TS cells on the smartphone rain radar and they are exactly there in the sim too) and admire the world from above… I’m currently following the french coast to Spain and when I compare it with Google Maps it’s all there. But hey, let’s complain about the default 747, there is a great world below but we desperately need to fly at FL400. Turn on the AP right after take off and it must land automatically because touching the plane is a no-go, so let’s complain!


Couldn’t agree more with this. I’ve pulled out my real world charts and approach plates, planned a flight, practiced instrument scanning in IMC while managing navigation and radios, and shot an approach - on flights I’ve done in the real world. You can build real world proficiency in this “arcade game”.


I’ve seen those “ground clouds” too in the Oregon, Nevada and California area.

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This was live weather out of KSQL.

However I’ve seen this all over the Northern and Central California.

These blobby cumulus “ground clouds” seem like the only way the sim can attempt mist, haze, or smoke. I hope they go back and revisit this at some point down the line. In theory, Meteoblue could run a parameter like this on their models and feed it to Microsoft’s live weather servers, which is then directly injected into the sim via the “aerosol density” parameter:

Thanks I’ll check it out.

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@gordongreig Pardon me if I expect a flight simulator to model IFR flight. Yes, I am totally unreasonable and “entitled”.

That was sarcasm in case you missed it. I’d say the “entitled” ones are those that think only their ideas matter and everyone that uses a simulator any differently should just leave.

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yes I guess they will do that. Robert Randazzo has said that he had many talks with the Asobo team and they were exceptionally eager to do the “world simulation” right. Mist and smoke is definitely part of this world, also imagine large volcano eruptions.

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I agree 100%

Yeah and it’s coming? This was communicated long ago. They never said that default planes have all capabilities in the world. It’s very clear that for certain things you need 3rd party add-ons, every simmer knows this. They also said that they’re hard at work to improve the IFR aspects. But even if they will include features that enable full IFR flight with default planes, I’ll ALWAYS buy 3rd party add-ons and planes. That’s the way it always was if you wanted the best quality and there’s nothing wrong with that. Nobody buys this sim for the default planes, expecting a “as real as it gets experience” out of the box. There’s only so much the base content can do after all.

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No one expects default aircraft to match study level 3rd party aircraft. It is reasonable to expect avionics to be modeled to a level that is commensurate with default aircraft in other simulators.

It is not the fault of the user base Microsoft took a 14 year hiatus from the industry and has a very huge uphill battle. Nor is it the fault of the user base that the production release was premature.

Those would actually look amazing. Some clouds formations, dark storm clouds, currently look very much like some pyroclastic flow is occurring.

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It’s sad to see that you guys don’t really understand that you’re polluting this thread with your endless hyperbolic complaints entirely off-topic. The fact that certain people around here literally hunt positive threads to taint them with their negativity is honestly embarrassing.

It seems like you haven’t ever played a default aircraft in other simulators at launch, because the avionics and features are objectively much more advanced here. Maybe you can deceive people who are new, but you shouldn’t assume there aren’t people here who actually know what other simulators are like without addons.

It models IFR flight. This is a fact. The fact that there are a few bugs here and there that are entirely normal in a product with this complexity at launch doesn’t in any shape or form means that IFR flight isn’t modeled.

I’ve flown from Italy to Alaska entirely IFR over 18 different legs, over regions that usually have extremely spotty to non-existing IFR support in other sims out of the box due to how remote/underdocumented they are, and that’s just a fraction of the IFR flights I’ve done since launch.