Your 2021 wishlist

Tan carpet in the TBM. With, walnut side panels along the window frames.


Gliders, including motor gliders.

Proper visibility implementation
Better clouds and more cloud types

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Seasons seasons seasons!!! Except for jet contrails and flight behavior I don’t really care too much about other stuff.

Personally as we are talking about a flight simulator we should first fix those MUST have:

Concentrate on the SIM:

  • Improve the flight model to be more real (currently it’s not all that real)
  • Correct radio phraseology (it’s not or at least not for EU)

In general:

  • Installation and update processes are currently pretty bad. Many many many people reported issues during the installation and I personally I have issue with the last update.

And the good to have now:

  • Improve the in game map to be at least somewhat usable (towns, roads and more need to be there) why don’t use bing maps directly? Of course we need airspaces on top
  • We could have a “settings” which are remembered like default weight and balance per airplane, default locations and more.
  • Be able to change the navigation plan while flying… Maybe I missed it somehow so far but I don’t see how you can do it right now

Bug-fixing and fine-tuning the existing features would basically do the MFS good for now. I would also be happy about seasons.

World Peace

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A better SDK for third party devs like PMDG and FSL to port their planes over.


I would like to see Live Traffic using better approach and departure procedures rather than just flying randomly around the sky very nearly hitting each other. Also sort out Charles de Gaulle Airport which is a disgrace as far as performance is concerned.

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Cessna 185 Skywagon with realistic flight model.


I would really like to get this plane as an add-on. If this “thing” makes it into real-life and succeeds…

I got’sta get me one of these!

  1. More Airports available (at least the ones with 10+ Mio. passengers)
  2. Better 3D-Buildings (the expectation is something like GoogleMaps and not factory buildings instead of castles and please add railway bridges)
  3. Automatic background updates through Steam

True MULTI MONITOR support.



I wish that the joystick / yoke / throttles and pedals could be assigned separately to each aircraft.



Improved VR implementation / performance


I would love a shared cockpit feature, random failures, flight replay as you already said, helicopters, and more realism such as the parachute and keyboard in the cirrus sr22, and the ability to set autopilot like you would in real life in an aircraft using the computer and more accurate psychics such as breaking, landing, and takeoff speeds, and also for the landing gear to effect the speed more than it does. One last thing would be better atc like being able to declare an emergency if you need too.

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Do better Testing and do not force to update untestet Stuff,
fix the Switches in FSX Portover.
and fix the ChristMess you done to us with last Downgrade(Spikes)

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Terrain morphs/cliffs/coasts
Objectives status should not get stuck so often
ATC AI and more options (i.e. not able)
All the small things (i.e. Grand Caravan Windshield/Airframe Heat switch)

Weekly activties should come in weekly.

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Hi all! I think anything that can improve the simulator is fine.
Just think of the evolution it has already made since August, so yes; the replay and the camera views absolutely, the fix of the scenery exc… I agree with all of you. :upside_down_face: :blush:

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Gliders/sailplanes, would be happy with a single, high quality one. Imagine that in VR. I guess we would need thermals though. Bonus would be aerotow or winch launch.

Would also like to see a non military drone, something like a Global Hawk.

An expansion to challenges for things like search & rescue, fire, weather recon etc. to allow third party generation of “missions”. Related to that would be air races.

Expanded weather system. Maybe not full access to the live weather system but ability to have more control over presets, e.g. change over time, more control over parameters.

I currently rely on Nvidia tools for video/photos. Would love the sim to have it’s own system that was GPU agnostic which would allow photos to be geotagged, or generation of 360 still/videos in VR etc., Streaming would be part of this.

Runway correct assignment based on wind direction (actally ATC gives tailwind landings…)

QNH in hPa in hybrid mode

Use of the HAT on the joystick in the same mode as using right hand click on the mouse to look around