"Your computer does not meet the minimum requirements"

I get that message shortly after I open the sim. Is there any way to exactly what causes my Win 10 PC to not meet the minimum requirements?

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Can’t really help without your specs.


I was hoping there would be some "test’ that would examine my computer and compare all the components to what the sim needs, but i guess not.
Acer Aspire E5-575G
Microsoft Windows 10 Home (64-bit)
Intel Core i5-7200U @ 2.70 GHz
1 processor, 2 cores, 4 threads
GPU: GeForce 940MX
Crucial SDD 1TB
Internet download speed: 80 mbs or higher.

Look here, may help.


CPU is below minimum spec I think, but tbh it’s all pretty low spec. It’s fine if you’re not looking for any sort of decent framerate or graphics level but really this may be the signal to upgrade.

Also, minimum graphics card is GTX 770. I think your 940MX is less than the GTX.

I get the same message because of my 750 ti GPU

This website has been very helpful in planning for my next upgrade


Thanks so much. That’s just what i was looking for. I’d upgrade now except that I’d spend so much time with the sim I wouldn’t get any work done. So I’ll avoid the temptation by not upgrading until later :slight_smile:

Ya, i found it takes about a day of customization to get it mostly how you want it, and even then with no IFR support after flying over my house so many times there isn’t much left for me to do…

It actually doesn’t run now. Just closes right in the middle of (seemingly) downloading updates.

I’ve heard of that happening. It should restart its updates when you boot up though.

One thing I found is that if you disconnect a peripheral or use a kvm switch it will crash the game to desktop, no error at all, just gone

Also go into Apps and Features and locate the app then select the “Reset this App” button in there, just to see if that helps.

Thanks. I had no idea that “Apps and Features” thing was there. I did reset it and now the sim is downloading the 91G all over again :slight_smile:

Hell I’ve got to do it!

I’m an old cynic at 68 years old but even I have to say:


Glad it’s ok, let’s hope it goes well for you, :sunrise_over_mountains:

Finished the download, but then it did the same thing; just closed on its own. I’m going to stop spending time on this until I’m ready to get a new high-spec computer. But really, since my current computer is fine for everything else I do, including some video editing, the question becomes how much money am I willing to spend just to use this flight sim.

I am having an issue where it also keeps saying not meeting minimum requirements.

Windows 10 version 2004
Motherboard z170x Gaming 6
I7 6700k cpu @ 4Ghz
Graphics. Nvidia GeForce GTX 950
16gb ram
DirectX 12
230gb storage on ssd. Have also tried installing it on much bigger hdd.

I can get the game to load after updates but once I click ready to fly it crashes. Not sure what minimum I am not meeting.

GTX970 I think is the minimum

That is the recommended. Minimum is 770gtx.

Ah, apologies.

No one can help me figure this out? I really wish the game would tell you what on your computer supposedly doesn’t meet minimum requirements.