Your Current TOP 5 Aircraft

The Kodiak we have in the same is not approved for flying into icing conditions no? Compared to the Otter that is.

If you look at the Kodiak as multiple variants, it does water, tundra, and regular operations. Good for lakes, land, and Lukla.

I would get the float variant if I could only choose one, but I have all variants and can fly pretty much anywhere in the world between them all. The Twotter with its ski variant is still better for Everest and Antarctica. But the Kodiak/Floatiak is by every other metric a better, more study level addon.

It doesn’t yet have a ski variant, but it is good for IFR, high altitude, turboprop operations. It has all the FAA certified de-icing options I ever need. And it has its own supply of OXYGEN. It is made for flying where the ice forms. Ice won’t form unless you let it.

It has a tundra variant. Tundra by definition is permafrost.

Also, it is called the, “Kodiak” not the, “Waikiki.” Rugged cold is right there in the name.


What about RL Kodiaks? Do they fly in any “cold” areas?

A generic Kodiak is not FIKI so cannot fly into known icing.

There is an optional TKS upgrade that uses anti ice fuid on leading edges and prop that as part of a more extensive anti icing package will allow flight into known icing conditions.

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Yes. Kodiak island is cold more often than not. Tundra is ice. Its service ceiling is well below zero on a warm day.

Now, I defer to others as to if the real version is certified for icing conditions. In sim, it handles icing conditions like a pro, but that is different from being certified IRL. Many planes can do things they aren’t certified to do. The Wright Brothers weren’t certified to fly!

Anyone know if this is or isn’t the TKS upgrade?

It is what we have in sim for icing.

Edit: Yes, that appears to be the OEM TKS anti-icing package so the SWS Kodiak would be certified to fly into known icing conditions if it were the real life version of the plane.


OK so the Kodiak we have in game is FIKI approved for known icing conditions. Good to know.

  1. bae 146
  2. kodiak
  3. milviz 310
  4. JF arrows
  5. ini a310

honorable mention to the pilatus pc6 by milviz which may be in the list depending on how i feel, same for the beaver

  1. Just Flight BAe 146
  2. Carenado Cessna 337 Skymaster
    no others
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Hi there! Thanks for your tiny list lol.
Unfortunately I will need 5 for inclusion here. If you don’t have another 3, please feel free to come back in January when I will be changing the “rules” a bit and we can take from 1 to 10 in a list. Thanks for that :wink:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: bit like Queen when they decided to come together with songwriting credits on their last two albums… all written by queen but dig deeper… you can find who actually wrote what…

Previous list (from August):

JF Black Square Caravan
PMDG 737
F22-A (Premium)

A lot has changed for me since August, specifically the release of the Analog King Air which became an instant N’1 favorite for a good month. And then came the 40th anniversary, so…the current list is:

1- Douglas DC-3
2- Inibuilds A310
3- Guimbal Cabri
4- Pilatus PC-12
5- WB-Sim C172SP

VERY honorable mention to Black Square’s King Air (sorry i can’t see you at the moment, it’s complicated).

  1. PMDG 737 (800, the. 600, then 700)
  2. Ini/Asobo A310
  3. Milviz/Blackbird C310
  4. Aerosoft CRJ
  5. Nextgensim Embraer E-110 Bandierante
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  1. Kodiak
  2. Cessna 414
  3. Cessna 310
  4. Cessna 337
  5. RV-14
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I just ran the Hobbs Hours app as I thought I’d spent a fair bit of time in the Cabri. It’s jumped into my top 10 used aircraft already lol

001 0022:07 = BN2 Islander [BlackBox Simulation]
002 0015:17 = Cessna 414A [FlySimWare]
003 0014:02 = Cessna 172 Sykhawk [Asobo]
004 0013:11 = JRF-6 Grumman Goose [Big Radials]
005 0013:06 = Pilatus PC-6 Porter [Blackbird Simulations / MilViz]
006 0012:08 = Vans RV-14/14A [SimWorks Studios]
007 0010:43 = EA-7 Edgley Optica [Got Friends]
008 0010:40 = Guimbal Cabri G2 | Rotorcraft [Asobo]
009 0010:21 = Quest (Daher) Kodiak 100 [SimWorks Studios]
010 0010:16 = Schempp-Hirth Discus 2c | Glider [Got Friends]

I’m actually getting better. Managed some pretty consistently soft and accurate landings now. It’s sooo good!


All GA aircraft :wink:

#1 - WT CJ4 - Since my return to flight simming in 2017 I focused on bizjets and GA aircraft. I was in love with the Phenom 300 on FSX and when MSFS 2020 came out there was no Phenom 300 available, still isn’t. So the CJ4 became my go to and since the WT mod it is now my most flown aircraft in MSFS 2020.

#2 - TBM930 (with G3000 mod) Again keeping with the GA theme the PC12 was my go-to turbo-prop in FSX. Helas, that was not to be in MSFS2020. So the TBM930 took it’s place. The G3000 upgrade took it up another level and this is my second most flown aircraft.

#3 - Diamond DA40 NG - This one surprises even me because I am a bit of a Cessna guy. But it took the place of my beloved C172 because of the visibility it affords with those big windows during sightseeing flights. I still like the maneuverability of the C172 but this one takes the third spot.

#4 - Bonanza G36 (improvement mod) - This plane is awesome. I did a North and South America coastal tour in it when MSFS2020 came out. I love it’s performance. Always a challenge trying to hit a low fpm in it.

#5 - JMB Aircraft VL3 - Just because it zips, great visibility out the window. Great for VFR flying.


Yea true! Except the Glider :slight_smile:

I do fly some other stuff too (honest) but guess you can see where my heart is! I normally do some fast jet stuff for a bit to change things up (recently more the fast PC-21) but not doing longer A to B routes in them. 30 mins here and there for some low level fun.

The 414 was on autopilot for probably half that time (which I normally never use but I’m doing a marathon continent crossing in that, so just long boring straight lines) so just read stuff on my phone and glance up once in a while to check things and look at the scenery.

Probably what Airbus pilots do locked in their cockpit :wink:
They are all probably experts at Candy Crush.


The Bulldog is a great little plane to fly.
Not so twitchy as most other GA aircraft.