Your most difficult aircraft?

Which aircraft, default or DLC, are most difficult in terms of flight model, systems etc. of the ones you own? Mine are the following:

  1. H135.
    It took a while to safely land this amazing free helicopter on a helipad but after a while it almost becomes a part of you, very satisfying. Incredibly difficult initially though.

  2. PMDG DC-6.
    Bought this plane recently and I am yet to perform a good landing. The amount of preperation you have to do in order to descend and slow it down is very challenging, especially if you’re trying to follow an approach procedure.

  3. Boeing 247D.
    The first 5-10 flights will end in either engine failure or fire damage. Once you learn how to use the oil shutters and not forgetting to constantly check your gauges it’s a very pleasant bird to fly.

I thought about including an airliner or a jet but the difficulty is more about learning flight planning, air traffic rules, autopilot, procedures and systems. Once you learn those stuff they’re not very hard to fly.


247D definitely takes a bit of learning. The CRJ too. I appreciate you say it’s all in the planning and the autopilot does the rest but that is airliner flying…plan wrong and you’ll end up in the wrong place and you can’t just world map plan.

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The biggest pain in the behind I have ever flown (real life) is the British Aerospace Jetstream 31/32, I hope someone will built one for MSFS one day and is able to capture all its flaws and unstable, untrimmable behavior. It only has steam gauges, no autopilot, minimal flight director (never used it in real life as you can fly more precisely without). If you can fly that aircraft, you can fly anything.


247D for sure… The Super Connie is challenging too. DC-6 is tons of fun.


Sounds fun! But what is your most difficult aircraft in MSFS?

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I can tell you mine in the last 5 mins! The new Fokker update where my engine JUST died right after takeoff under extremely suspicious circumstances.


I don’t own any third party aircraft, from the default aircraft probably the Pitts Special. Although ground dynamics have not been modelled correctly, in real life it will ground loop immediately when making a mistake, its unforgiving. Otherwise any aircraft without fancy screens.


Well I don’t have much time to be in the sim anyway, I don’t really know what is out there to be honest. I’m helping some 3rd party devs with testing their upcoming planes, that’s about all I have time for :sweat_smile:.

  1. Blériot
  2. 247D

No shock they are both made by Wing42



Fuel management is a 'mare. As is ILS approach.

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What makes the Blériot difficult? I thought about buying it during the sales but I was afraid it would be too quirky to be flown often.

DA62 - keeping it straight in the runway on take off

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I’m with you on that one. I am just learning the DA62 and I find that keeping it straight on the taxiway is hard enough but on the runway :scream:!!! both take off and landing (OK in a 19kt crosswind on the last attempt). Also taxiing, with the throttles closed its off quicker than Lewis Hamilton. I do have great difficulty with the trim whilst airborne as well. As I am in the learning phase it is all hand flying at the moment. Trim for straight and level, hands and feet off, fly for 2 minutes and I am suddenly climbing at 1000fpm. Retrim and then I am suddenly on a rapid descent. I was going to download the MOD from MrTommyMixer but it looks as if that has the porpoising problem in AP, so I’ll hold off on that until I’ve tamed it in its raw state. :wink:


FlyInside’s Bell 47 Helicopter…

Hugely difficult to keep stable and fly but extremely rewarding. Makes the H145 feel like a pussycat! :grin:


I bet. If I owned it it would probably be my number 1 :smiley:

Let me change my reply from the most difficult to my most rewarding, simply because “difficult” is a momentarily subjective impression until you understand the reasons and manage to get the work done.

Then it’s the DC6. Taking off in 20C SoCal or New Mexico, flying her into the Andes or into Jackson Hole through bad and cold weather, landing in a foggy and snowy area where you fight to get down, while slow down, while keeping your engines warm.

Taking off in Cairo, Egypt, climbing at 40C, trying to keep your engines cool while still having a reasonable cruise speed to reach Dubai about in time.

Taking off in Sion in Switzerland, climbing through the valley to clear the mountains while avoiding thunderstorms in the area flying her into wet and stormy Amsterdam or up to Norway, final approach over a cliffy country dancing in the turbs…

Take off at Gibraltar, fly to Ronda where you circle around the town a couple of times and then bring her to Innsbruck.

Managing these engines, hand flying the DC-6, it’s not difficult once you know your numbers and how to do it but it is exceptionally rewarding to shut her down at the end of the day and know what you have managed to do.


That’s a good way of putting it. Flying a 172 is not very rewarding once you’ve learned to master aircraft that tries to kills you if you make a mistake.

So far I haven’t felt any reward after shutting down the DC-6 but I keep trying. One day I will have a successful flight and I’m sure I’ll have a smile on my face for days, lol.

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For me it is Concorde and P-38L.
Concorde because there are many things pilots must care about. And too fast for beginner. But still a lot of fun.
P-38L is wild aircraft. Aircraft has a lot of power and still want climb. For me it is difficult to set it up for cruising.

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  1. 247D
  2. All helys (cause flight models are completely unrealistic due to current sdk)
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  • Wing42 Boeing 247D (engine management)
  • Milviz FG-1D Corsair (engine management)
  • Big Radials Nieuport 17 (simple aircraft but difficult to control at low speeds, tricky stall behaviour)
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