Your thoughts on the default Beechcraft Baron

I have always gravitated to the Beach Barron in previous flight sims. But had to go to a third party add-on to get a ‘good one’
But the default Barron in this sim seems amazing to me. Its all I ever fly and am at the moment doing a round the world flight in it. Most systems seem to be working. And comparing it to the real aircraft the performance seems more or less accurate to me.
So what do others think about this little mentioned aircraft in the Sim?


Following as that is the next aircraft in my journey after the Bonanza.

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I have no real world point of reference, but it’s my favourite dual engine piston in the sim, including comparisons to the 3rd party payware duals from Carenado. It seems to handle nicely, all relevant systems work, has a good amount of “get up and go”, and overall is awesome to fly. I’ve clocked in quite a few hours on it and it’s one of the planes I fly on a regular basis.

The Baron is great! But like it’s little sister the Bonanza it’s got a couple of things like lights (Taxi & Landing) that need work. A few other minor things.
I’m hoping that the new propeller modeling give it real feathering.

2 of my favorite aircraft in FS2020

Overall, I find it a decent and enjoyable model. However, I find climb performance a bit hot but if I slide the ‘wear and tear’ adjustment up to max, it feels more like the real thing. If I could add a minor tweak, I’d raise the stall speed to something more appropriate (73 to 75 kts). And bonus points if we could get those cowl flaps to make a difference in engine temps.

I also agree that forward lighting needs help. It’s dreadful to taxi at night.


There is a light mod (albeit only some aircraft are completed). The Baron isn’t one but the Bonanza is.

Here’s a list of all aircraft so far.


My twin rating was done in the Duchess a four seat 180 hp per side. Having never flown a real Barron with its 300 hp per side if the sim is accurate or not but to me it seems real. The fact that I never flown a plane with a Garmin unit has me behind the airplane and the Barron’s speed certainly has not helped. In the sim as in flying the real thing I am sure that time in the left seat would allow me to catch up and then get ahead of the plane.

G58 was/is always a favorite. The default is decently done, just hard to mod because it’s one of the locked aircraft. Someone will I’m sure, make the turbocharged version 58P. :smiley:

This is my favorite craft and I love the way it performs even though I dont know if it is true to life. It needs to be flown and paid attention too which is great. Very under appreciated I think.

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Yup thought It was just me, I love the default Barron.
It just feels really solid and well polished even in earlier SUs it was my go to default plane.


The Baron is unfortunately a very neglected aircraft in FS 2020! It is protected and so the community can’t do any enhancements unfortunately. And Asobo does nothing. This ACFT has cowlflaps and these should influence the temperature of the cylinderheads (CHT). Very important during takeoff and slow flying with flaps. The outside light is marginal. Why no updates Asobo? It would be a lovely plane, really.


I regularly fly it, it’s a very nice aircraft.
I gravitate a little more to the DA62 at times, though.
I like them both a lot, especially with the G1000NXi.

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One of my favs too. I wish the model flaws will be fixed someday as well as the exterior model.

Wet dreaming of an charged Baron Cougar from time to time…….

I love the Baron. It was one of the reasons I bought the PD edition of the sim (along with the SR22 and steam 172).

The plane’s been in a rather odd state. They’ve made small changes / fixes, but broke other stuff over the various updates. The latest (still broken) is that the prop sync switch no longer works from the VC, although works fine from external SimConnect controls.

Overall though, despite its imperfections and issues, it’s still one of my favourites. Like @sehnsedahamses, I’d love to see a turbocharged variant - both in steam gauge and G1000 flavours.

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Agree, I love the Baron in the game. Made many cross country/continent trips in it. Definitely one of the airplanes I’ve logged the most time in.

Only thing that is off putting to me is it’s acceleration. I’ve never flown a Baron IRL but the acceleration seems outrageous. 10 degree climb straight off the runway and you are quickly pulling 140 knots and increasing even with the RPM and throttle scaled back. This could be the case with the real aircraft I don’t know though?

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Thank you. I thought someone was calling my name every time this thread got bumped!

the very first MS flight sim plane I ever flew was the Baron B58 in the FSX Demo…Then - because FPS on my dismal PC at the time were in the teens if I tried to fly over any cities - I flew that plane all around the Leeward Islands and the US Southwestern desert almost exclusively for a very long time

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Great range!

I feel like landing is a bit hot too, it’s like pointing a dart at the runway. I could have my pattern speeds wrong too, I’m not a pilot

My biggest wish is for Asobo to spend some time upgrading the BARON.