YourControls - Shared Cockpit for MSFS

i have the same question!

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@Crea808 brilliant, just awesome. Thanks alot. I hope you stick with this project, it works! Is there a way to donate?

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The IP is IPV4. The person who hosts the server needs to give you their IP to fill in. You can find your IP by searching “what’s my ip” on google. You can also look for a port forwarding guide as well for your specific router.

Awesome! So happy to hear that! Not planning on taking donations but perhaps I can consider it in the future. I really just want people to use this.

Will this work for people on IPv6 connections?

I have a fast cable connection and other IPv4 titles cause problems in multiplayer sometimes (DCS).

At the moment no. The program will only accept IPv4 addresses. I don’t have a IPv6 connection myself to test on, but adding support for IPv6 is very possible. I can make a separate build and provide it for you, and if it works I can merge it into the release build if you’d like.

So we tried it. But it says:

Client disconnected. Reason: connection timed out

My friend sent me his ipv4 adress. Port was default 7777

i guess we are too dumb lol

Did they port forward? If the problem still occurs, I plan on adding UPNP support which can automatically forward ports so you can keep an eye out on future releases for that!

I could try and test it with a friend of mine who is on the same type of connection and the same ISP.

My knowledge of networking is limited. But the problem with games like DCS seems to be a thing called DS-Lite, which provides a d u m m y IPv4 address on my IPv6 connection that is not working like a native v4 address.

we use an other port with UDP TCP forward Router Setting.

Ok it works. We are both connected but we have the problem that the one who have “no controll” sees the other plane and if we switch controll it disconnects and the plane crashes.

Hmm what do you mean by “sees the other plane”? What message does it pop up when it disconnects?

Yes, we solved it by turning off see all player. Unfortunately it is not yet 100% syncronized. But Smart Copilot at Xplane 11 wasn’t any better in the early days either. 'Great job so far!

Ah I see now, yeah unfortunately can’t do much about increasing the number of stuff that can be synchronized. I already mapped every single possible thing SimConnect provides, but I believe it’s enough to be able to complete a flight with it, and give a solid shared cockpit experience.

We have the small problem with connections “exactly same position” that everyone who connects always has a slight sliping or tilting of the plane, which leads to a soundbug on the ground. If the plane is hanging in the ground. And the yoke controls of the non-flying pilot tremble. But i believe that this is due to SImconect.

Could you possibly record a video?

yes but tomorrow. Its late in Germany, we have to sleep now! :slight_smile:

Sounds good, appreciate the feedback!

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Alright so I was able to test with IPv6 on my local network - should work if it goes remote as well. You can grab the latest release and test it out.

Hello we tried it again today with all players off. It worked fine despite the one who has no controll has some sound bugs but thats ok. Everything went fine until the approach phase. Then we switched controlls and me and my mate crashed the plane. My mate was back on the departure Airport.
That is the error he got:

Client disconnected. Reason: Peer timeout.
The buffer is overloaded! Try reducing the updaterate in config.json.

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