Zendesk cannot solve my problem

I can start MSFS but when I click the fly button it seems as if MSFS is looking for a missing file as it gets hung at that point. Zendesk seems to think it is a corrupt dll file but cannot identify which one. I have not been able to use MSFS in several weeks now. Please understand that I have tried all the usual fixes including cleaning out the community folder doing a clean install (3 times) and even installing on a brand new SSD drive. Nothing has worked.

then it is may be not a missing file :wink:

Please just tell bit more, may you get helpfull hint from community.

As example: lots of users had former google-maps add-on installed and assume with deletion of it all is fine. But this add-on change the windows hosts file which then must cleaned manually.

And… :scream: … what I seen now… you have already an existing topic about your issue ( at least similar :slight_smile: ) :

And you got already the hint with google-maps add-on… Have you checked the hosts file ?? It takes 5 minutes and is in meanwhile the common reason for that kind of issue.
( go to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc, remove hosts file, and restart pc )

See also :

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Yes, you are right. I did install that google maps add on. Can you please be more specific about host files. I can get as far as c:\windows\system32\drivers, but then I dont know how to look for host files. Do these files have the name host in them? Thank you so much for your help

THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANKS!! That worked! I initially just renamed the host file to hostold , and restarted the PC, but that did not work. I then deleted the host file and it worked. I have no idea what the host file is and all the emails back and forth with zendesk support were of no avail. In the future I have to be careful about what I add on. Thanks again

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Anytime a program you install (or addon) that requests elevated rights (such as Administrator); I would be very careful.

That HOSTS file can be used by hackers to redirect known websites to their hacker site. Such as re-directing your banking website to one that looks like their site.

Basically the HOSTS file can take a legitimate domain name; such as google.com and redirect it to an imposter.