Zinertek Enhanced Airport Graphics 4.0 released

Looks like Zinertek Enhanced Airport Graphics 2.0 goes live this week. Should be updated in the marketplace this Thursday. Be nice to see the enhancements in the new version, and not have it cause CTDs anymore after the world update.



I do like the new runway textures but getting very blocky textures close by. See screenshot. Using REX global textures for now. I hope zinertek can improve the taxiways because the new runway textures are incredible.

I purchased Zinertek from SimMarket, but I still can’t download v2.0.

Zinertek’s website says “will be going live at SimMarket and FlightSim dot com store within the next 24 to 48 hours” on June 26, but my SimMarket download list still only available v1.6.

What’s going on? :thinking:

You have to “buy” the 2.0 Version with the exact same account. Then this version will be free of charge for you. After “purchasing” V 2.0 you will find the download.

haha was confused about that also. As moadib2709 said.

So it looks like SimMarket does not handle updates well. As in you have to re-add the product to the cart again?? That’s a really annoying way of doing things.

I’m going to test the textures some more to see if I can figure out the pixelated taxiways. Did not get this on the previous version. All settings maxed out. It is less noticable when in the cockpit.

Can anyone confirm this also? Tested so far at LFLL

I understand! Thank you!

But it’s terrible that there is no notification from SimMarket about this …

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Zinertek has just released version 2.0 on SimMarket, has anybody here downloaded and tested it?

Zinertek version 2.0



It’s kinda “Meh” to me. I don’t own REX so I can’t show that.

But they released version 2 as a stand alone? Meaning if you bought 1.0 you have to pay full price again?

No. If you go to purchase it and your account “owns” the previous one, you won’t be charged anything. The price will be 0.


After this update I honestly think both are nearly equal in terms of coloring etc. Still prefer REX because they edit PBR as well as base textures, dunno about Zinertek

Hmm, now getting this with Zinertek 2.0 at EHRD. Anybody else with similar experience? A friend of mine has this as well.

EDIT: I contacted the developers, and they are working on it.

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A pink texture means that the simulator could not load the texture. This was due to a filename error and has now been fixed.

For those of you who bought ‘Enhanced Airport Graphics’ from the Marketplace, version 2.0 will go live this Thursday.

And yes, it is a free update for all existing customers!


Is this with the latest update from yesterday evening?

Anyone else remember the good old days when this thread was all about Rex Global Airport Textures and not about Zinertek?

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From 10hrs ago, simmmarket. Maybe we should move this convo to the zinertek thread.

Yes… but I don’t know how. I will check the textures later as well.

You’re right! We will continu in another thread then, and maybe one of the moderators can move the relevant posts from this thread to the Zinertek 2 thread as well.

Has Zinertek enhanced airport graphics 2.0 come alive in the msfs marketplace, I purchased the first edition still do not see version 2.0???