Zoom buttons on World Map

Hey all,

I’d like to suggest “Zoom in/out”-buttons located on the world map as you pick a flight.

Took my old mouse out for a spin that has no mouse wheel, and could zoom in by double clicking on the map, but couldn’t zoom out of the world map. Couldn’t find a combination of buttons to click to zoom out. Tried all kinds of keyboard commands, but a no go either.

So, I’d like to suggest a [+] and a [-] button to the corner of the world map, or to simply make the map zoom out by using the plus/minus keys on the keyboard. Should be an easy fix, but since we’re all scrolling, it might be useless… it just makes a map that much more complete.

(Even in the Garmin glass displays you can find a + and - to click on, why not on the global map).

Have a great day and kindest regards,