Zoom buttons on World Map

Hey all,

I’d like to suggest “Zoom in/out”-buttons located on the world map as you pick a flight.

Took my old mouse out for a spin that has no mouse wheel, and could zoom in by double clicking on the map, but couldn’t zoom out of the world map. Couldn’t find a combination of buttons to click to zoom out. Tried all kinds of keyboard commands, but a no go either.

So, I’d like to suggest a [+] and a [-] button to the corner of the world map, or to simply make the map zoom out by using the plus/minus keys on the keyboard. Should be an easy fix, but since we’re all scrolling, it might be useless… it just makes a map that much more complete.

(Even in the Garmin glass displays you can find a + and - to click on, why not on the global map).

Have a great day and kindest regards,


Hi Steiny, Trust you’re keeping well. It’s me the fella you helped with the weather issue last week. On the subject of maps, are you aware if it’s possible to use Google/Bing maps on xBox-S? I gathered that you may be a PC player.

I think in the meantime they’ve added the zoombuttons :wink: And yes m8, i’m on the pc.
There are so many great addons now, things like complete navigationplanners… a thing i’m not used to.
I’ve downloaded VFR maps from the USA with the intention to use them, i say, intention… have used 'm about 3 times in about 200 flights :wink:

Trolled the web but couldn’t find any one talking/posting anything about what I was looking for. Not good news at all.
Some bad news, again. Guess what? Yes, I am now stuck with (day time) custom weather…!! I would very much appreciate it if you would consider helping me out again when you are free sometime.