Stutters again!

Then they fix your arm but break your legs in the process!!


I really thought that MSFS , being of the latest technology, would run properly and that all our issues with stuttering were over. For whatever reason, this is not the case. The reasons appear to be multi fold. I do not use multiplayer and I have a high spec PC. With micro stutters and the line running through the horizon and water climbing up cliffs I fear that we have a long way to go. I am drawn to MSFS because the potential is there.

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Its a real pain, I cant fly anywhere with more than 8 Vatsim aircraft at a time or my framerate plummets and my stutters increase

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Well, I think there is ONE computer in the world that runs MSFS 2020 without problems. It is located in Jorg’s office … All QA testing is done on this machine.


I’m old, the only games I play, the only ones on my PC, are MSFS and Microsoft Solitaire. I’ve a pretty decent PC - i9-10940, 64GB’s ram and a 3090, but I’m also now encountering some new and crazy stuttering in Solitaire since the latest Microsoft update. I may be wrong but I don’t believe Solitaire is exactly graphics intensive…
So: is this actually solely a problem brought about by the Microsoft update and nothing to do with MSFS?

Remove the last Windows 10 update. They admitted they screwed something up in there and it has caused some lag and stutter across the board.

Not possible for me I’m afraid. Some folk have that option, some don’t. I don’t.
I’m sure Microsoft will get around to fixing this in their own sweet time. But in the meanwhile one positive is that it’s still a lot less stuttery than the first flight simulator I played, 39 years ago.


It is not true, he said in SDK Q&A yesterday it was in his basement, and it is an Xbox :slight_smile:

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I didn’t ‘get’ the multiplayer thing that much until I started doing some flights with people, chatting via Discord, and it has turned into so much fun. And I am an old dude so not a gamer well used to MP.

Hope you don’t mind the shameless plug but come join us if you’d like to give it a try:
:small_airplane:EP34 Adventure Through The Skies - Colorado Rockies - Community / Community Events - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Can chat at the MSFS Official Discord - a channel will open up there, at about 7PM tonight, you can ask anything, make a comment, or just listen and have fun flying - our group is old and young and every age in between.

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EDIT: Meant to reply to the multi-quoted post from BufordTX :slight_smile:

Thanks for the invite. Sounds like fun. Will check my wife’s schedule. :wink:

Wow ! Since I’ve owned msfs2020 NEVER had a single CTD. Updated to, just had my first ever CTD 1 hour into flight at cruise altitude and had stutters to along the way.

P3dv5 is calling my name !

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Great - I was trying to respond to BufordTx but botched it, what a surprise :slight_smile:
Glad you will stop by - anyone that doesn’t quite ‘get’ Multiplayer, I get it too, never really was interested/tried it, in the past but once MSFS came out - got on Discord with a headset, was able to chat and fly and interact, and before I knew it, I was puttering along with FlyCookie6508, doing Twitch and a couple guest spots on the Official Twitch on Fridays.
Would never have believed that, if someone said in less than a year you’ll go from flying totally solo all the time to this kind of interaction.

Replaced my 100mbps router today with a 1000mbps gaming router and my stutters have disappeared during prime time, between prime time I actually hit 50 fps pretty steady no pg no multi everything on ultra @ 1080p.

Nothing wrong with the old router, was getting 90 through it, the new router will now pull 120 on a 100 connection. Kind of wondering if they changed something with the way they transmit the data? I know watching resource meter, my ethernet would go MMM------M–MM-- (M being actual data received and — being idle) and now the ethernet is MMMMmmmmMMMMmmmmMMM—

Everytime I get this fixed it slows back down again, lets hope this is the final fix… I cant afford any more new equipment…

From experimenting, I can confirm that it is not just people flying with custom paint jobs but also 3rd party aircraft. Especially the free aircraft. My friend loaded in with the carbon cub from flightsim.to and my frame rate went to 2fps. When he quit my frame rate went back to 50fps. He loaded in with a default aircraft and there were no issues. There appears to be a serious problem with how flightsim is handling 3rd party addons. Micro stutters are always present on multilayer in general. Rolling back my driver to 466.11 (if I remember well) also helped improve performance.

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Or dcs 2.7 :grin:

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Same here: same FPS in general (some occasion a lost of 8-9) and I have a constant micro stutters all the time, even at 40 FPS. It is not aftected by time of day.
I7 RTX2060 on 1080p

I would suggest check your vram.If its still happening with low vram usage then the problem is with the game!

I followed your advice after experiencing huge stutters as people formed at our destination airport in last night’s event. It solved the problem and I was stutter free (in VR) for the remainder of the night.


The latest patch always gives some people stutters…before it was all smooth. Think about that :thinking: