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Apologies if this has been posted earlier today, but I couldn’t see a post about it.

A recent Windows 10 update is trashing framerates and causing games to stutter | PC Gamer

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This is precisely why I have updates disabled in Group Policy.

However, I am experiencing CTD events without the latest Win10 updates.

Before the latest World Update? No CTD events for a month or so…


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I haven’t even been able to install it. Fails every time. I’m glad it fails now :slightly_smiling_face:



Not on my machine. Made it much better.

Typical journalistic malpractice. Use a post from social media as your base for facts. Run the headline as a declarative statement. Then walk it back, going from “Windows 10 IS trashing framerates” to “this month’s Patch Tuesday update COULD BE the culprit.”



its not this windows update , i uninstalled it still get massive stuttering , its multiplayer
Besides a new windows update has just come out and msfs is still stuttering in multiplayer only , multiplayer off and it is fine
its the sim causing the issue not windows updates


Can confirm there is a Multiplayer issue, massive stutters regardless of what sever. Doesnt happen all the time but when it does, forget multiplayer


Msfs2020 was stuttering long before this update.


Yes, but this update made it even worse.
In desktop mode, which I rarely use because of VR, there is noticeable tearing issues since the Windows update.

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This weekend was the first time in a few weeks that I have had reasonable performance. This was after the windows OS update.

Now I’m not going to claim the OS update fixes stuff.
I just don’t think it’s breaking as much as folks think it might be and I think the core issue with the sim performance is the fact that it’s almost entirely streamed and this leaves you at the mercy of a good connection to a server which isn’t being overwhelmed.
It’s just as likely that this weekend I got lucky with the servers while others got connected to second rate cloud services.

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This is the cause of a lot of peoples problems!

I have multiplayer off, all traffic off, uninstalled the latest windows update. Stutters are there, fps are very low on glass cockpit airplanes. So it’s msfs code.

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Terrible just terrible, another update more issues. Stuttering like crazy. I’m guessing another patch coming soon. Try development testing first. Just about everybody updates there computer. Its not every game that stutters in fact everything else is flawless. The only issue I’m having is with MSFS stutters. Also can you fix the the freezing on load up I’ve never had this issue until this latest 22.8 Gig update.

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Maybe we can we get variable world detail based on framerate… like the 3jFPS mod did for XPlane?

When FPS is 45 then World Detail equals 45. When 60 FPS World detail equals 60. Etc.

Can confirm: this MP bug caused stutters. But I also noticed my FPS were way lower than what they used to be. They returned back to normal after removing the Windows update.
They are two separate issues with their own symptoms. When you encounter them you’ll notice the difference between the two.

I don’t have the windows update. I don’t have multiplayer on. I have exactly rhe same settings as before the hotfix and now my performance is dreadful.

Made this video for another topic about multiplayer stuttering. I haven’t flown multiplayer since a long time but i tried it yesterday and this was the result. (Left multiplayer, right offline)

I haven’t flown around new york for a while since the latest 2 world updates so can’t really say anything about performance around this area being better or worse. But seems worse to me also in offline mode.

On the other hand i got better performance since wu4 in europe. Especially with analog gauged airplanes. This can also be due to later gpu drivers.

Can’t say much about windows update since i don’t know when exactly it updated and didn’t pay attention to it. However i seem to have better performance in assetto corsa competizione (the only othet game i play on a regular base). But once again this might be due to newer gpu drivers.

Not sure if this might be related but i did have an improvement in gpu boost overclocking on the rtx3090. Before the gpu would crash if i crank the core clock with more then 50mhz. Now i can run +100 on the core clock and +400 on the mem clock. My main usage on this pc is gpu rendering in blender and it has not failed in multiple renders during the night wich combined took more then 6 hours. This is 6 hours straight 100% usage at max core/mem clock.

But once again, i’m unsure wether the windows update has anything to do with this or it’s just the newer drivers or other things that has changed on my pc. Also did some cpu changes in the bios and installed 3 extra cpu fans for push pull on the radiator in the meanwhile so…

Atleast work is a bit less stressfull for the pc now😊


Latest windows update, latest Nvidia drivers and multiplayer off fixed FPS slowing to a crawl into flight for me.
2060KO ultra
4th gen i7

I disagree. In my case I had stutter since version und France with NVidia drivers 466.11 and 465.89, but no stutter with 457.30. I have a 1660 Super GPU.

Everybody is moving - MSFS 2020, MS-Windows, NVidia drivers. Nobody is doing integration tests and WE get the mess.

Hello everybody. I got stutter with MSFS 2020 version and France. Not knowing about the MS-Windows patch KB5001330 I found that NVidia driver 457.30 does not produce stutter, but 465.89 and 466.11 do.

After un-installing KB5001330 MSFS 2020 performance is even better. I can only say: W.T.F.!

Is ANYBODY at Microsoft doing INTEGRATION tests? I think nobody at Microsoft is doing INTEGRATION tests. Dear Microsoft managers: The OS and the game are from the same company, your company. I understand that every department hates every other departmant. But we as customers see ONE company, not a lot of fighting cats and dogs.

Can you PLEASE avoid to have OS patches and game patches in the same WEEK or at the same DAY? Thank you very much!